If you are involved in the medical, pharmaceutical or computer industries there will come a time when you will need the flexibility and state of the art functionality provided by architectural walls. These modular wall systems represent a practical and affordable alternative to building out clean rooms using drywall and their ability to be easily and effectively repurposed makes them an invaluable long term asset to corporations and research facilities worldwide.

What is a “Cleanroom”?

A cleanroom is an artificially created, closed environment where the level of airborne contaminants is tightly controlled. Nearly all medical facilities require clean rooms to conduct research and without clean rooms the microchip that controls your computer, smartphone, HDTV and even your car could never have been developed.

Fixed vs. Modular Clean Rooms – Things to Consider

  • Cost – The cost of constructing a clean room can vary considerably with fixed-wall clean rooms the most expensive option and modular, free-standing clean rooms the least expensive to construct and maintain.
  • Size – The type and number of processes to be carried out in the clean room as well as the number of people set to work within it are factors that will help determine the size and configuration of the clean room.
  • Aesthetics – Aesthetic considerations are often a luxury researchers on a tight budget cannot afford to worry about while a larger pharmaceutical company may consider aesthetics important to maintaining the overall image they wish to project. In fact, it is largely a non-issue since all of today’s architectural walls are constructed using only the highest design standards of performance and appearance.

Advantages of Modular Clean Rooms

Many hospitals, corporations and research centres choose to construct their clean rooms using architectural walls not only because of the significant cost benefits but because of the many other advantages modular walls deliver as well, including…

  • Design Flexibility – The fact that modular clean rooms are not fixed to a larger structure can be an enormous plus because the entire clean room can be disassembled and moved to another location at a later date if need be.
  • Speed of Construction – A modular clean room can be assembled in a fraction of the time necessary to build out a fixed-wall version. Where a fixed-wall room may take several months to design, build and test a modular clean room can usually be constructed in just a week or two.
  • Built in Functionality – Air filtration and other equipment must be custom fit to a fixed-wall clean room while a clean room built using architectural walls comes with all necessary function pathways and relevant hookups built in.
  • Potential Tax Benefits – Many startups and less generously funded research facilities appreciate the fact that, because modular wall systems are not typically considered part of the building, they are often eligible for accelerated depreciation and potentially significant tax breaks.

The bottom line is that, when compared to the more expensive fixed-wall alternative, the flexible, affordable nature of clean rooms built using modular systems make them the smart choice for many research centres and private companies regardless of size.

Other Industries That Utilize Architectural Walls

There are a number of other industries that have taken to using architectural walls as part of the everyday conduct of their business. These industries appreciate the value and flexibility modular partitions bring to the table and utilize those qualities to great effect.

  • Convention Industry – Convention centres were trailblazers in seeing the potential for modular walls to transform space quickly and effectively. Today, demountable wall systems have become such an integral part of the convention industry that it’s not hyperbole to say that without them it would grind to a halt.
  • Construction Industry – Ironically the construction industry will often utilize architectural walls to cordon off areas of a shopping mall or department store where demolition of drywall elements is underway. Modular walls create an attractive and effective shield to the dust and noise of the construction site allowing overall operations to continue unimpeded.
  • Automotive Industry – If you have ever been in an automobile showroom you have seen the way car companies use partitions to draw attention to new models and direct customer traffic. Real estate developers too will often create an entirely modular showroom that is later disassembled and moved to another location.
  • Manufacturing – Factories frequently need to retool and repurpose space. Modular walls allow them to segregate areas of the factory floor while retooling is underway or to isolate sensitive processes in one area of the factory from the rest of the floor while maintaining a clean and focused environment.

Innovation Driving Innovation – The Co-Working Movement

Another great example of innovation being driven by innovative demountable wall systems technology is the co-working phenomenon. It represents, in effect, the opposite side of the coin from temporary staffing.

In this case a developer creates what is known as a “boutique serviced office” in which small companies or individuals pay for the right to utilize the facilities for whatever business related purpose they may have. Floors are built out using a variety of layouts which can be reconfigured to accommodate a particular need. The space is fully equipped with up to date technical infrastructure and features communal areas, private offices, full conference rooms and two-person enclosures where you can take your private conversation. There are also areas to relax and network, cafes and sandwich shops and even finished rooftops that can be rearranged to handle anything from a fundraising event to your company get together: night or day, rain or shine.

The technology that makes a leading-edge, co-working office possible is the same one that creates affordable clean rooms for pharmaceutical research and mind-blowing exhibitions on the convention hall floor: architectural walls.

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