How many product lines does IMT have?

IMT carries 3 main lines currently (with more under development all the time)

ReFlex – our freestanding post based wall system and framed glass panel system

ClearFlex – our butt glass Wall system

The Cabin  – our freestanding Privacy booth

What are the standard finishes available on IMT wall products?

Clear Anodized and black powder coat aluminum finish component parts are stocked. Custom powder colours can be made to order. Laminate finishes follow the Fashion industry and change at least once a year so the best place to confirm those finishes shown on the finishes page of our website or with your representative.

How many wall systems does IMT produce in their factory?

IMT produces all our product lines in our Toronto based factory. Each product has their own production line within our factory for speed and efficiency.

Where is IMT located?

IMT is located at 40 Penn Drive, North York, Ontario M9L 2A0

I have a very tight completion date for my project – can you help me?

If your timelines are very tight, please advise your representative as we can often meet quicker timelines if required.

What is a standard Lead time with IMT wall system products?

ReFlex and ClearFlex ship complete with doors and all their hardware direct from our factory in 5 – 7 weeks.

What is the standard lead time for the Cabin product line?

The Cabin line ships complete in 2 – 3 weeks.

What are the standard finishes for the Cabin product line?

Black or white exterior finishes are stocked in house and the premium exterior finishes are available within that our standard 2 – 3 week delivery.
Interior finishes are 6 felt colours for the acoustic panels and are stocked in the plant.

How does the IMT wall product line compare to their competitors?

IMT’s product lines were developed to meet the public’s need for efficient cost-effective solutions that are customizable without extending lead times or budgets.

When we compare our pricing to our competitors, we are generally comparable or more cost effective when comparing projects of similar size.  Our advantage is that we can pivot for ANY size project from the single office to full floors with no delay in production or shipping times.

How does the IMT Cabin line compare to its competitors?

Clean lines, organic shapes with high sound absorption with quick shipping times and easily repositioned at the client offices with hidden lockable casters – NO ONE on the market has that like IMT’s Cabin line!

Why does IMT have the ability to produce their offerings so quickly?

Since 2007, IMT has invested in cutting edge CNC machinery and have installed a new Powder coating Paint line and baking oven along with a completely new Glass cutting and polishing line for all our product offerings. No reliance on outside manufacturers to affect our stated shipping dates.

Does IMT produce all their products in Canada?

95% of our product is fully manufactured in Canada, the only exception is some of the hardware that we have custom made for IMT offshore (as do other manufacturers). We stock all of these products in the factory so there is no need to delay shipping times with these items either.

Can I customize the configuration of my IMT Wall product?

ReFlex or ClearFlex is the product you can customize to suit your needs.

Will customizing my specification change lead times or costs?

Customizing your wall configuration doesn’t change the standard lead times but costs may be affected by the configuration or accessories you add to the walls themselves.

What accessories are available for my IMT Wall specification?

We can insert TV’s, back painted magnetic whiteboards, slot wall, coloured frost, coat hooks, shelves, P picture hangers, electrical cut outs, plug and play electrical elements.

How is IMT different from their competitors?

IMT has the ability to produce small and large projects without the need for extended lead times. With our in-house R&D team, we are always looking for ways to improve the product offerings, quality and shipping times of all our products.

Pricing to be honest, is the smallest factor for comparison as most manufacturers (when comparing similar materials) will be in the same pricing range as IMT. The main difference is our flexibility to change the type of product you want/need with no production downtime, speed of return of drawings and quotes at 48 hours – we make working with us as smooth as possible.

How competitive are any of the IMT Products from a pure pricing point of view?

We’ve researched the market and know that we are competitively priced in all our offerings.

Where can I buy IMT Products?

We have a dealer network across Canada but the best way to know which dealer would be best for your area would be to contact the office first and we can direct to you an appropriate company/representative.

Where does IMT ship their product offerings?

IMT currently ships across North America and the Caribbean but is always looking to open more markets so feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to become a dealer.

How does IMT ship their products?

All our products are shrink wrapped on pallets with separators between each glass panel whether we are shipping in containers or our trucks. This ensures that the glass and panels arrive as pristine as possible. 

Who are the dealers of IMT products in my area?

There are many dealers across Canada from coast to coast and several in key states in the US with one in Jamaica covering the Caribbean so we can service your needs anywhere you are in those zones.

Can I buy directly from IMT?

Yes you can if there isn’t a local dealer that can service your needs.

How long has IMT been in business in Canada?

IMT has been in business in Canada since 2002.