architectural walls and why they are perfect for your officeArchitectural partition walls have had a profound effect on contemporary business in just about every way possible. In freeing the office from its unmovable, maze-like heritage architectural walls have allowed companies to break free of the shackles that use to hinder innovation and responsiveness and regain the competitive posture so necessary for success in a global marketplace. Still there are plenty of business owners out there who aren’t sure whether architectural partitions might be right for their business. Or, for that matter, what makes a perfect architectural wall. In this post we’ll examine that last question.

Architectural Walls: The Synthesis of Form and Function

Modular architectural walls are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials so it can be a little confusing trying to determine exactly which is actually the best type. Truth be told what’s best for someone else may not be best for you so the real question is not “Which type of architectural wall is best?” but “What are the characteristics of a perfect architectural wall?” Because no matter which style of wall you choose it should have those characteristics. Such as:

  • Flexibility: Since modular walls are sold on the proposition that you can configure them however you want whenever you want an architectural partition wall wouldn’t be much good if it couldn’t be matched to other components. This is called design flexibility and it’s an essential element of any high-quality architectural wall. If you shop around enough though you’ll discover it’s not a trait shared by every architectural partition on the market. Only those created by exceptionally talented designers like the ones who work for IMT Modular.
  • Adaptability: Architectural partition walls can only be considered prime examples of the art if they exhibit maximum adaptability to a range of environments. Whether you need to carve out space for a shipping/receiving office on the loading dock, require a break room on the factory floor, need to create a private office space for the new VP of Marketing or need to create a function room for a gathering of important clients, architectural walls from IMT Modular will fit the bill to a tee.
  • Environmental responsibility: We’re way past the point of arguing over whether mankind is impacting the global environment. The debate today is instead focused on ways to limit the damage and setting a course back to sustainability. When you opt for drywall you’re opting to consume primary resources that will only wind up rotting in a landfill at the end of their life. A perfect architectural wall by comparison should be comprised of nearly 100% recycled materials and be completely recyclable at the end of their long life.
  • Technical scalability: Today’s office is a hive of high tech devices that allow for instantaneous global communication, the ability to research any conceivable topic through the smartphone in your pocket and software that can create state of the art video presentations in minutes. Add to that printers, copiers, myriad flat panel displays and more and your infrastructure better be able to handle it. A top quality architectural wall system will meet the challenge and provide the ability to swap out, add and upgrade devices with no muss or fuss.

The perfect architectural wall then is a synthesis of form and function. A combination of flexible design, adaptable features, scalability, environmental awareness and, of course, peerless style. IMT Modular builds all of those features into every modular office component we make. You can buy poorly designed and constructed alternatives if you wish, or you can invest in IMT Modular architectural walls. The best architectural partition walls on the market today.

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