Architectural walls are more than just walls. They are artfully designed to combine both the structural and architectural elements of buildings. This combination is achieved by creating a dramatic façade, yet at the same time generating a building exterior that requires very little maintenance, hence making it a practical choice. Architectural partition walls are a type of partition wall that have had these same principles applied to them.

Why Choose the Architectural Partition Wall?

In architectural wall designs, there are usually crisp, clean lines that harmonize with building interiors. However, having crisp and clean lines doesn’t mean that the building will look boring and plain.

Architectural wall designs may also include creative uses of glass and laminate, and other features. These allow creative application of finishes, and are able to give the façade of the building a modern and sleek look. This also makes these types of walls easy to maintain and clean.

With that being said, architectural walls provide a perfect balance of form and function – great aesthetic appeal that combine the building’s architectural style together with the style of furniture in the building, resulting in a practical design that gives the building a modern look.

The Environmental Benefits of Architectural Partition Walls

One disadvantage of the traditional partition wall, is that it is often detrimental to the environment. It is usually not made up of ‘green’ and environmentally friendly materials, but rather made of non-sustainable, non-recyclable materials.

Here at IMT Modular Partitions Ltd., we have always been at the forefront of producing environmentally friendly partition walls. Our modular walls are unlike the traditional drywall that is made out of non-sustainable materials; it is made out of sustainable products that can easily be reconfigured over and over again.

In today’s world, recycling and “going green” are becoming increasingly common. Especially with the increasing threat of global warming, companies and businesses all over the world are placing increasing importance on saving the environment. Many consumers take the company’s efforts in environmental conservation into consideration when deciding on which products to purchase nowadays.

So, it could actually be said that being more environmentally friendly can be beneficial to your business, and your company’s growth!

Maximizing Office Space With Modular Architectural Partition Walls

In today’s world, great emphasis is also being placed on the efficient usage of space. This is especially so for growing businesses and companies. To conserve floor space, but at the same time maintain privacy for employees, the best solution is to use partition walls. Not just any type of partition walls, though. Rather, the best solution for the issue of conserving floor space would be to install modular architectural partition walls.

The traditional partition walls are plain and unsightly chunks of tack boards that simply do not fit well with the image of modern businesses in today’s modern world. Our modular architectural partition walls are not only practical and effective in the conservation of floor space, but are also aesthetically pleasing as well.

IMT’s Architectural Partition Walls Are Great for Boosting Productivity in the Office

IMT’s architectural partition walls, in particular, are created with the aim of maximizing office space, and at the same time increasing productivity and driving businesses forward. Our partition walls are designed in such a way that each personal cubicle can enjoy privacy, however the overall design supports and provides spaces for teamwork and collaboration, hence boosting camaraderie amongst workers. This in turn increases the overall productivity of your company or business.

With IMT’s modular architectural partition walls, it is extremely easy for you to install or upgrade in-built electrical wiring, high-speed cable and fiber optic communication systems, and even heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Traditional partition walls, on the other hand, usually pose numerous problems when you want to upgrade your in-built wiring systems. Some do not offer you the choice of having these in-built wiring systems integrated into your partition walls. You would have to have these systems outside of the partitions, hence taking up a lot more of your available office space.

We also offer acoustic partition walls that are easy to use, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing. With state of the art technology, our acoustic partition walls save space and offer your workers an area for collaboration, without compromising the privacy of workers in neighboring cubicles.

Why Choose IMT Modular Partitions Ltd.?

IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. was founded in 2001 by Shay Sekler. It’s premier product is the IMT Wall; a highly modular and re-configurable wall system. It was introduced to the North American market at IIDEX 2002, where the company clinched the prestigious Gold award in the systems furniture category.

If you are looking to install modular architectural partition walls, IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. is the obvious choice. We are the market leader in modular partition walls, garnering significant industry accolades over the years. With many years of experience under our belts, we have perfected our modular partition wall designs and properties, now offering many colors and cladding options, including glass, tack boards, veneer, laminate and white boards.

To date, IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. has had amassed countless satisfied high profile customers, including but not limited to The Weather Network, The Region of Niagara, and The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. In our many years of business, we have installed more than1,000,000 linear feet of modular architectural partition walls in the North American market, so you can be assured that we possess the relevant experience and the expertise to perform installation at or well above industry standards.
Still not convinced about why you should choose IMT Modular Architectural Partition Walls? The IMT modular architectural partition wall is not only aesthetically pleasing and effective, but it is also extremely convenient. With traditional partition walls, reconfiguration of your office floor layout will be extremely difficult, and not to mention costly. Yet, with the IMT modular architectural partition wall, we guarantee that this process will be much easier. Guaranteed to offer between 98 and 100 percent reconfiguration potential, the IMT modular architectural partition wall is the leader in the modular partition wall industry.

For more information on the IMT Modular Architectural Partition Wall, contact us today at 416-743-4513. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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