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Manufacturing Applications.

Manufacturers require flexible, durable and affordable interior architectural solutions. Our modular walls can satisfy all of these needs. We have been helping manufacturers glean optimal efficiency from their industrial spaces since 2002 with our options. Here is what we can provide businesses within the manufacturing sector:

  • Movable Wall Systems
  • Office Space
  • Boardroom
  • Privacy Pod
  • Collaboration Room
manufacturing applications
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Benefits To The Industry.

Innovative, dependable modular wall systems from IMT provide all types of high and low tech manufacturing companies the flexibility and long term cost-effectiveness they seek. Our meticulously engineered spatial solutions provide significant long term savings and lighting fast adaptability that will help ensure your continued competitiveness. Here are the benefits you can enjoy from our modular walls:

  • Rapid Deployment – Modular wall systems enable you to quickly reconfigure a space.
  • Clean Room Construction – Our solutions offer dry, dust free installation for the sake of clean room construction.
  • Design Consistency – With modular wall systems from IMT you get consistent quality across all components.
  • Low Maintenance Durability – Our walls won’t ever need to be painted and will provide you many long years of dependable service.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Our walls can be reconfigured as you see fit, which cuts your construction costs down.


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