As a business owner, what is your greatest challenge in a depressed economy? Is it digging in your heels and maintaining your market share? Is it expanding into overseas markets where your brand or product has growth opportunities not available in your hometown? Or is the most pressing challenge staffing issues — figuring out how to accommodate employees in limited office space?

One of the best ways to squeeze as much usefulness as possible out of your floor plan is to use portable architectural walls designed and installed by IMT Modular Partitions Ltd., a leading retailer of modular office systems in the Canadian and North American market since 2001. We are the value leader in demountable walls.

How Our Architectural Walls Can Be Used To Benefit Your Company Today

There was a time when portable wall systems were used solely to divide or sub-divide rooms and create small work areas when no other options existed. How times have changed. Today’s modular offices are a growing design trend because they are inexpensive, offer more floor plan options, and can be quickly reconfigured to meet changing business needs.

  • Design flexibility. If you are a business owner who constantly rearranges floor plans, IMT’s modular architectural walls are a stylish and cost effective solution for freshening interior decor without breaking down drywall or other permanent structures and starting from scratch. Our walls are available in standard widths of up to 48 inches, but can be custom ordered to accommodate wider dimensions. The wall heights are 8 or 12 feet but, again, can be customized. There are other many door and window options available.
  • Greater visibility throughout your office space. If your floor plan is wide open, why not keep it that way? Create usable, shareable space with portable office systems featuring glass walls on both sides. Open spaces foster collaboration and team spirit, while traditional cubicles or drywall structures do just the opposite.
  • Enhanced lighting options. While glass architectural walls allow for more natural lighting, our other moveable wall systems can be customized with a variety of lighting options to meet all your needs. A track system allows lights to be placed on walls at different heights.
  • IMT architectural walls blend in with any existing decor, meaning your company does not have to completely refresh the interior decor. Our products are available in a wide variety of colours and cladding materials, and can easily be matched with office systems from other leading brands, such as Arborite, Formica, Nevamar, and Wilson Art.
  • Need privacy and sound absorption? IMT’s architectural partitions have the best Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of all modular walls sold in Canada — anywhere from 36 STC to 43 STC. This means the product blocks sound transmission — keeping your conversations private, and preventing noise from other areas from disturbing your work.
  • One way for a company to increase its financial outlook is through a standard business accounting practice called depreciation — or the value of physical office space, equipment, computers, and software over time. While drywall construction can take 20 or more years to fully depreciate, our architectural walls only need 5 or 6 years like regular office furniture.

Sustainability — Today and Tomorrow

One of the greatest benefits of portable architectural walls from IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. is they are as environmentally friendly as they are stylish and affordable. This is not only a characteristic of all modular office systems we design and install, but is the bedrock upon which our company is built. Our commitment to “sustainability” means our company strives to be eco-friendly by using and reusing recycled product materials wherever possible, including high strength aluminum for frames, and glass and fabrics as cladding on walls and doors.
Our architectural walls have a smaller carbon footprint than comparably sized structures made from traditional drywall, wet plaster, or other materials, and offer a number of environmental benefits:

  • IMT architectural walls can be removed and reused between 98 and 100 percent of the time, as needs arise.
  • Our walls require less landfill space than drywall, and installation or reuse creates minimal airborne particulates.
  • IMT walls are LEED certified for commercial interiors, contributing to a healthier work environment and one with lower operation and maintenance costs.
  • Our modular wall systems are made from 94 percent recycled materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, and glass.

Designing for The Future with architectural walls

As the cost of commercial real estate continues to rise — not to mention other expenses such as employee salaries and benefits, utilities, computers, and software — many business owners and managers have come to the conclusion they will have to “make do” for the foreseeable future with their existing office space. This, however, places undue stress on the entire organization as staffing needs increase but space for desks and office furniture remains flat.
Even as companies grow, it is difficult to justify leasing more office space, let alone constructing new facilities. A better option is to design for the future — maximize existing space by re-designing floor plans, and including modular architectural walls to beautify that space while adding flexibility. Because de-mountable office systems can be easily disassembled, businesses have more options for new employees and future growth.

Choose a Name You Can Trust

As one of the premier commercial interior construction companies in Canada, IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. has established its reputation as a leading provider of architectural walls through innovative designs, affordability, and outstanding customer service. Whether your office is a small storefront or a multi-story high rise, our team of designers and commercial construction experts can help customize a solution for all your needs.
When it comes to maximizing existing or new office space with stylish architectural partitions , IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. is a name hundreds of clients have chosen since 2001. With more than 100,000 linear feet of portable office systems installed worldwide, we are a name you can trust — today and tomorrow.

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