There’s no denying that the landscape of the modern day office has changed a lot over the past few decades. Where once cubicles were seen as a good solution to office space management and productivity, you’d be hard pressed to find a modern office that still uses them, and you won’t see them in the successful start-ups in Silicon Valley. They’re a thing of the past, which is why the last few years has seen an increasing number of offices choosing to install office wall partitions as their partition of choice. Whilst most are happy to invest in and buy office wall partitions new, some have turned to looking to purchase them second hand. Whilst this may seem an economical choice on paper, the reality could see you paying more for a product that’s vastly inferior when compared to buying it new.

Used Office Wall Partitions – Are They All Bad?

Before we cover the pitfalls of buying them second hand, it’s worth clarifying that an office wall partition is a great product and is more than likely to be the best choice for your office regardless of your needs. Their strength lays in their versatility – whether it’s height, privacy, size or function, office wall partitions can be seamlessly rearranged in order to provide exactly what you’re looking for. Not permanent and without requiring a building crew to reshuffle your office layout, it’s obvious why they’ve proven to be such a hit in the business world and a popular choice amongst most offices. Yet for all their benefits, such things can only be guaranteed if you’re buying shop bought, brand new partition walls. If you’re choosing to buy used, you’re choosing to buy a product that may have lost some of its functionality. Here are some common things that you can expect to find if you choose to go for a second hand partition wall instead of a new one.

1. Aesthetically Inferior or Worn

When you think of a used office wall partitions, do you think of shiny and new or dull and worn? We’re certain it’s the latter, and architectural partition walls are no exception. Whilst they do tend to last a long time, you simply can’t guarantee that the previous owner maintained them well enough or took care around them. Whether it’s a paint job that’s faded, a wall that’s scuffed or a glass door that’s chipped, you’d be lucky to find a second hand partition wall that looks half as good as a brand new one. And this appearance permeates through to your office culture and how you present yourselves; are you a company who takes pride in their premises and will treat customers as such? Or do you settle for second best? Your office can say a lot about you, so don’t settle for second best – because you certainly wouldn’t when it comes to your customers.

Office Wall Partitions

Office Wall Partitions

2. No Guarantee or Warranty

Partition walls are a strong product that are more than capable of dealing with the demands and use of a modern day office, but it’s nice to feel as though you’re protected in the event of something happening to them. With a new product, you’re likely to have some sort of guarantee or warranty that will come with it, giving you peace of mind and protection should the worst happen. However, if you’re going second hand, there’s a good chance that either the warranty won’t transfer over to you, or that it’s expired already. Any hope of saving money you had when you bought them second hand will soon be dashed when you come to realise that you have to in fact buy a whole new set of walls again. Don’t take the risk – buy new, and ensure that you’re covered against the worst.

3. Structurally Inferior or Dangerous Product

Office wall partitions are built to last, and will often last for many, many years – that’s part of their appeal. Yet should you decide to buy them second hand, then you’re really buying the unknown. When buying from someone who really just wants to get rid of them, there’s no way to know for sure how old there are, how well used they were, whether they’re damaged in any way or the real reason for their sale. As a result, you could end up buying a lemon – a product that’s not how it was advertised, not what you were expecting and one that could potentially cause some damage in the future by falling or failing in some way. Where you might think you’re buying a dependable product, the seller could be selling as he feels they’re on their last legs and he’s in need of an upgrade. Don’t play Russian roulette with a product or the safety of your employees.

4. Missing Out on Installation and Crucial Advice

When you buy a partition wall brand new, you’ll also get a team of people who’ll come and fit them for you. Not only does this make your job easier, it’s also a great opportunity to ask questions. By asking the team, you can find out all the dos and don’ts when it comes to your new wall, how to safely manoeuvre them and how to care for them, as well as safety advice and the chance to ask questions – and that’s priceless.

It’s a Risk…..for office wall partitions!

…and it might well pay off – yet even if it did, you’d be left unsure of how to get the most out of the product and without a warranty. Some things are great to buy second hand, but with others you’re better off buying new – and partition walls definitely fall into the latter category. Buying new ensures you’ll have a beautiful office that you can be proud of, that’s protected should the worst happen, that strong enough to last and that comes with priceless advice – and we’re sure you’ll agree that this means it’s worth spending the extra money to buy new.

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