Productive Movable Walls from IMT are built to exacting standards using only the highest quality materials and are renowned for their versatility and utility. They’re stylish, low maintenance, easily reconfigured, energy efficient and have a lifespan of decades. What more could you ask of them except maybe that they work seamlessly with a variety of modular systems from other manufacturers? Thing is, they already do that too. The bottom line is that IMT modular walls represent a leap in office design possibilities not seen since the advent of steel building frames. But there are still times when you may want to tweak things just a bit to fit your particular needs.

Hacking Your Movable Walls for Greater Privacy and Productivity

While movable partition walls represent across-the-board advances in energy and design efficiency there are still times when they could use a modification or embellishment or both that will allow them to meet specific individual needs while not compromising their myriad built-in advantages. These hacks typically involve issues of privacy and/or productivity and are as much common sense as they are innovation. If your workspace doesn’t provide you the kind of atmosphere that optimizes focus and promotes productivity you’ll want to consider incorporating some or all of these movable wall hacks. Regardless of the type of movable partition walls you have installed you should find these hacks useful.

Increase Privacy Levels When Productive Movable Walls are Used

Everyone loves the clean open look and collaborative environment movable walls with glass panels provide. In some cases however that openness, while beautiful, may infringe on a person’s ability to bear down when they really need to. They get distracted by activity outside their space which disrupts their concentration which impedes their ability to focus which undermines their productivity and, well, you get the idea. Certainly such a person could petition the company for opaque walls or circulate a memo asking everybody to stay clear of the area outside their office(!) but a more cost effective and less confrontational approach would be to simply institute some of the following hacks:

● Install curtains on the inside of the glass panels that can be closed when necessary. Curtains are also a great way to ramp up the aesthetic appeal of a space and give it a more familiar feeling.
● Add a decorative folding screen inside the office space that creates a private zone around the desk when needed and can be folded up and removed when the need to focus is not so acute.
● Introduce shelving and/or bookcases that break up the unimpeded sightlines without closing the office in completely. The shelves themselves don’t need have solid backs or be jam packed with items; just enough to create a bit of visual diversion.
● Hang plants inside the office space between the glass panels and the desk again to break up sightlines without blocking that beautiful, beneficial natural light.
● Hang Venetian blinds on the inside of the glass panels that can be opened and closed as necessary.
● Add a coloured film to the glass panels that will make it more difficult to see through the panels while still allowing natural light to penetrate and maintaining the open office feel.
● Ask for some of the clear panels to be replaced with frosted panels. This will again allow for a greater degree of privacy without blotting out sunlight.

By keeping the hack low key it won’t seem like you’re sending messages to anyone in particular and you’ll be able to maintain the cooperative atmosphere of the office. You’ll also continue to benefit from the penetration of natural light and you won’t disrupt the overall design ethos of the office.

Increase Organization Levels When Using Any Type of Movable Walls

Productive Movable walls are not just great looking instruments for letting in the light, they’re also peerless organizational tools as well. Sometimes the organizational particulars that worked for the previous occupant of a space need to be tweaked when a new person takes that space over. Here are some hacks involving movable office walls that will allow you to adjust an existing space to your liking and achieve and a higher level of organization:

● Ask your office manager if it is possible to swap out the standard movable wall material with whiteboard, acoustical panel or tackboard sections. You shouldn’t have to actually change out any of the wall sections themselves, only the material.
● Install sections with shelving to hold the myriad things around your office that are currently taking up desk or floor space because you don’t know where else to put them.
● If your desk buddies up to a solid wall section hang your computer monitor on the wall and free up valuable space on your desk top.
● Use demising walls to create a storage area within your personal or group work space or use that area to house peripherals such as printers, scanners and the like.
● If it’s possible to do so have one of IMTs sliding doors installed in your space. This will free up valuable floor space for other things like tables or even additional seating.

The above hacks should allow you to fine tune the organizational aspects of an existing space and make improvements to the ergonomics without having to install new movable wall sections (with the exception of the sliding door of course).

Obtain a Higher Level of Overall efficiency with Productive Movable Walls Hacks

Productive Movable walls provide a sleek, flexible and efficient office environment. There are times however when individuals or work groups may want to embellish their movable partition walls or the enclosures they create in order to achieve a higher degree of privacy and/or organization. It’s well known that people work better when they’re at ease and the above hacks can help enhance feelings of comfort while also providing a sense of “ownership”. If you have any questions regarding ways you can attain higher degrees of personalization and productivity using movable walls give IMT Modular a call and speak to one of our experts.

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