office partitions to help overcome office setup challengesTake a look at the offices spaces of some of the world’s most successful and ground-breaking companies – Google, Apple, Alibaba – and it’s easy to see that the traditional, rigid, office layout is dying out. These days, companies value spaces which maximise communication, creativity and productivity. Rows of desks are out and symbiosis sofas are in. Unfortunately, not every company has the budget to custom-build their office space, and that’s where office partitions come in.

Use Office Partitions to Set Up the Office in the Best Way

The initial solution to the regimented inflexibility of traditional office spaces was the open-plan office. While these designs allowed improved communication and improved morale, they presented their own challenges – a lack of privacy and increased noise. These days, the backlash against open-plan offices is in full swing. Companies are switching to flexible office plans en masse, using office partitions, and here’s why:

  • They Offer Flexibility in Office Layout and Design – Until recently, there was an unhealthy fear of making mistakes and ‘being wrong’ in business. It’s only recently that pioneers such as Google X’s Astro Teller have shown us the benefits of being open to making mistakes. Office partitions make it easy to adjust layouts when necessary. The requirements of every office space evolve with the company, making adjustments inevitable and right.
  • You’re More Likely to Stick to Your Budget – Office renovation and remodelling projects are notorious for running over their budgets and timescales. Creating a new office space could previously cause major operational headaches for businesses, who had to relocate staff for long periods, hire architects and contractors, buy building materials, all while trying to carry on with business as usual. Partitions reduce all of these demands. There is no need to alter original structures or to deal with messy materials. Disruption might last a day or two, as opposed to months.
  • They Are Strong, Solid and Durable – The next time you are in a high-intensity work environment, take a close look at the walls. Can you find the spots which have been plastered up after someone threw their fist or telephone at the wall? Modern partitions are strong enough to stand up to such workplace tensions. They don’t have to be thick, opaque structures, either – you can opt for partitions of strengthened glass, which is strong enough for your staff to simultaneously jump up and down on.
  • They Help You Create a Balance – One of the biggest challenges faced by open-plan offices, was striking a balance between enabling both communication and privacy. Partitions offer a natural solution to this problem. Glass partitions, for example, allow supervisors and managers to look out for when people might need assistance, but also offer the necessary sound barriers needed when discussing confidential or private information. Opaque partitions give employees a degree of seclusion which can be ideal when doing work which requires concentration, but don’t cut them off from their colleagues in the way that a solid wall with a door would.

Office partitions have evolved from their basic beginnings, to be the most useful options for companies when trying to plan and set up their office spaces. They offer a well-known means of adding structure to large, unfiltered spaces, and help to improve the overall office environment. More importantly, when used well, they can enable a company to maximize its employees’ performance, creativity and morale. For companies which are serious about getting the most from their workforce, and giving back at the same time, partitions are the only realistic option in the modern age.

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