When it comes to which is more aesthetically pleasing it doesn’t take a world-class designer to recognize that glass wall partitions are a hands down winner over drywall. Modular glass partitions allow light to penetrate, create depth and visual interest, create an air of success and suggest a business is firmly anchored in the 21st not 20th century. So the question with glass wall partitions then is not “Do they look good”: they look great. The question is “Would my business benefit from glass office partitions?”

The Many Ways Glass Partitions Can Benefit Your Business

Glass wall partitions provide an immediate lift to the way your office looks and is perceived. But how about the way your office works? Do modular glass wall partitions actually enhance your ability to get work done in a more efficient, effective manner? Or are they all looks and no substance? To answer that let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of these remarkable office design components.

  • Fostering collaboration – In today’s global marketplace the company that doesn’t utilize all its human capital is the one that will fall by the wayside. Where solid walls often bred distrust, glass partition walls create a tangible sense that everyone is in the same boat rowing in the same direction. This sense of common purpose is invaluable in fostering collaboration between members of the staff and allowing good ideas to come forward.
  • Flexibility – In the past needing to accommodate additional staff members or creating office space for new managers would entail bringing in the drywall contractor. Productivity would suffer from the noise and disruption of the demolition and staff members would suffer from the clouds of dirt and dust hanging in the air. With glass partitions if you need to create a new office it can be done overnight by your maintenance staff with no mess.
  • Better communication – One thing that was almost completely lost in the era of drywall and cubicles was the fine art of non-verbal communication. Most people will agree that you can often say more with a gesture, glance or hand signal than you can with words. That’s because non-verbal communication skills predate language and are hardwired into us. Restoring the ability to communicate in this fashion is one way glass partitions help improve productivity.
  • Decreased utility costs – The old office template of solid-wall offices near the windows and everyone else in the gloomy center of the floorplan was never good for the electric bill. It costs money to illuminate all that gloom. With glass walls you can still reserve the views for the top dogs but the sunlight can be shared with everyone. This means half of those recessed fluorescent fixtures you used to run all day can now be permanently turned off.
  • Environmental responsibility – Most people today know we need to do a better job taking care of our planet. Drywall construction has always been a huge waste as once the walls are demolished all the wood, metal and other materials used to make them is just dumped in a landfill. Modular glass walls are built from recycled materials, can be taken with you from location to location for years to come and then recycled again decades from now.

Few companies have played as important a role in the rise of the flexible office as IMT Modular. Our pioneering work in the design and construction of demountable walls and glass partitions have shown the way to greater efficiency and profitability for companies large and small. To learn more about how glass wall partitions can benefit your company give IMT Modular a call today on 416-743-4513.

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