A demountable wall is a versatile type of wall that can be relocated and re-positioned easily. It is flexible and cost effective as well, since it allows one to reconfigure their office floor layout easily, with little to no hassle at all. Demountable partition walls are partition walls that have the same concept and function.

Why Choose Demountable Partition Walls?

The traditional drywall, as you probably already know, can often result in a lot of dust and debris when being installed or removed. It is also difficult and costly to transport, often causing extensive permanent damage to your office floors when you remove them during the reconfiguration of office floor layouts.

Modular demountable partition walls are extremely popular in today’s’ office world, where there is constant change and offices need to be able to continually adapt in order to keep up. With regular partition walls, huge amounts of effort and funds need to be spent to reconfigure office floor layouts, yet, this problem is easily solved by using demountable partition walls.

By using movable partitions, one does not have to go to great lengths to remove traditional partition walls and subsequently to build new ones. Instead, one can easily detach the movable partitions and simply move them to a new location, where they can readily be re-installed. Not to mention, with movable partitions, reconfiguration of office floor layouts can be carried out with minimum disruption and mess, and with minimum airborne dust. It even helps you to avoid causing extensive permanent damage to your floor, as traditional partition walls often do.

In this way, your office floor layouts can easily be reconfigured and changed whenever you like, according to your needs.

Environmental Benefits of IMT Modular Partitions Ltd.’s Demountable Partition Walls

Here at IMT Modular Partitions Ltd., we have always believed in the importance of conserving the environment. That is why from the start, when designing our movable partition walls, we take into consideration various ways and methods, and go to great lengths to ensure that our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, hence greatly reducing the carbon footprint for our clients.
Since our IMT modular demountable partition walls can be easily removed and remounted, normally with a 98 to 100 percent success rate, you can reuse walls instead of having to install new ones. This not only helps you to save money, but also reduces the amount of material discarded and wasted when reconfiguring office floor layouts. Even in the case where IMT demountable partition walls are discarded, they take up less landfill space as compared to the traditional drywall partition wall.

As if that were not enough, 94 percent of the raw materials we use here at IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. come from recycled sources.

  • Our steel components include a minimum of 8 percent of recycled post-consumer materials and 33 percent of industrial recycled materials.
  • Our aluminium content includes an impressive 13 percent of recycled post-consumer materials and 48 percent of industrial recycled materials.
  • Our wood cladding include 3 percent of post-consumer recyclables and 33 percent post-industrial recycled materials.

IMT’s Demountable Partition Walls Are Extremely Flexible and Convenient

Our IMT modular demountable partition walls are versatile and aesthetically pleasing, with a wide range of unique designs that can blend in with your office design and décor. Our walls are also of the highest quality in the industry. No matter how frequently you remove and reinstall our movable walls, the intrinsic performance, quality and integrity of the wall remains intact.

IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. aims to provide high quality partition walls at more than affordable prices, and we also aim to make our services as convenient and as easy for our valued customers as possible. Here at IMT Modular Partitions Ltd., we not only offer a wide range of features, styles and colors, but we also offer a service to custom make modular movable partition walls for you, to better suit the unique needs of your particular office floor.

While most traditional drywall partitions come in 4-foot widths, our IMT modular demountable partition walls come in a range of standard sizes from 12 to 48 inches wide, in 12 inch increments. We can also make demountable partition walls in custom dimensions as required. The standard height of our demountable partition walls is 8 feet or 12 feet, but similarly, we are able to create special designs and dimensions to custom fit the height of your office space.

Why Choose IMT Modular Partitions Ltd.?

Shay Sekler, a commercial interior construction veteran founded IMT Modular Partitions LTD. in 2001. The IMT wall has been its flagship product, serving as the foundation for a cutting edge wall system offering the best in convenience and practicality for businesses with a wide range of needs. IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. also wont the prestigious Gold award in the systems furniture category at IIDEX 2002.

Since then, we have worked with a diverse array of companies, all of whom are more than satisfied with the quality of our IMT modular demountable partition wall. Some of the clients we have worked with include but are not limited to Novartis (pharmaceuticals company), The University of Windsor, the federal government of Canada (in multiple locations), Microsoft Corporation (computer software company), Google-Israel, and many others.

In our many years of business, we have installed more than 1,000,000 linear feet of modular demountable partition walls so you can rest assured that we possess unmatched experience and competence in this industry.

So if you are looking to install modular office demountable partition walls, your search ends here. You have come to the right place, as we are the market leaders in modular office demountable partition walls. Our modular demountable partition walls will enable you to have dynamic workspaces that can easily adapt to ever-changing business demands. With our IMT modular demountable partition walls that combine optimum functionality with extraordinary beauty, the possibilities are limitless.

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