For many business owners, one of the most frustrating aspects of running daily operations is being handcuffed by a lack of office space or not being able to manage the space that already exists. Not having enough space for office furniture, meeting rooms, or storage is sometimes insurmountable due to expenses, but using existing space more efficiently is a budget friendly proposition when you consider modular partitions and demountable wall systems from IMT Modular Partitions Ltd.

Since 2002, we have been the premier retailer of high quality, purpose-built, and customizable modular partitions for clients throughout North America and other global markets. With nearly 19 miles of demountable walls installed for clients such as Microsoft, Google, and many others, our name is synonymous with innovation and affordability.

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Modular Partitions

Years ago, when business owners or managers wanted to quickly divide office space the only options were flimsy, accordion style room partitions — or to literally tear down drywall or wet plaster walls and start over. While the former option was cheap, such dividers rarely lasted and more often than not were frequently knocked over or damaged. The latter option, while more sturdy, nonetheless resulted in greater expense when permanent walls needed to be torn down and built elsewhere.

Thankfully, today’s modular partitions from IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. are made of recycled and high strength aluminum frames, glass, and other materials that easily withstand the rigors of a hectic modern office environment. If you are in the position of re-designing office space and choosing furnishings and other items, there are a number of factors that need to be considered with removable wall systems.

  1. Space requirements. In order to redesign your office space and create greater flexibility with modular partitions, it is vital to consider how much space is needed. For instance, employees assigned to individual offices need 150 or more square feet of space. Cubicle areas, up to 175 square feet.
  2. Part of determining space requirements is accomplished during the initial evaluation of existing space. Our role is to help businesses understand their needs, and find ways to meet those goals creatively and in the most cost effective manner possible. Some questions we may ask: Is space organized efficiently? Can empty offices be re-purposed into more valuable employee collaboration areas? How many conference rooms are needed?
  3. Interior decor is an important consideration for many businesses, especially when you consider office space — from the colour of carpeting to wall coverings to the shape of desks — is designed around existing corporate branding. All IMT modular partitions are available in custom colours to match any corporate branding elements including company logos. In fact, IMT’s portable office systems are compatible stylistically with leading brands such as Arborite, Formica, Nevamar, and Wilson Art.
  4. The size and configuration of the partitions themselves. IMT’s modular partitions can be built to accommodate any height or width requirement, from half height sizes like a traditional office cubicle environment to a floor to ceiling design.
  5. Whether or not the modular partitions are being installed to create individual office space and, as a result, whether or not doors are required. As is the case with permanent walled structures made from drywall or wet plaster, IMT’s portable wall systems can be installed with doors of varying heights and widths.
  6. Easy access to electrical or other systems. All of IMT’s modular walls have easily accessible panels on either or both sides that make it simple to run electrical conduit, lines for phone, Internet, cable television, and other systems as required, including ventilation and heating and cooling.
  7. Installation and relocation. IMT’s modular partitions can often be installed or relocated by trained and experienced office maintenance staff, and do not require the use of specialized tools or equipment.
  8. Functionality. All of IMT’s modular partitions can be installed with a variety of usable surface materials, including fabric coverings and erasable whiteboards — making impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions even more productive.
  9. Smaller carbon footprint. IMT is a forward thinking and environmentally conscious company whose re-mountable wall systems are not only made from recycled materials, but can be recycled later on as required.
  10. What is tougher than walls made from traditional drywall or wet plaster? IMT’s modular wall systems will last for decades with minimal maintenance and care.

The Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing Modular Partitions

After careful evaluation, you have decided that your existing office space needs to be redesigned to meet the needs of a growing, 21st century business. With a mix of permanent, part-time, and seasonal workers coming and going, traditional cubicles or offices may not suit your needs. Before deciding on portable wall systems, it is important to ask a number of questions, such as:

  • Are they expensive? Modular wall systems may have a higher initial build and installation cost than drywall counterparts, but their flexibility and simple maintenance requirements make them a less expensive alternative in the long run.
  • Are they easy to install? Yes. IMT’s portable walls can often be installed by skilled maintenance staff using everyday hand tools.
  • What if I want to disassemble and relocate them? IMT’s demountable walls are as easy to disassemble as they are to install, making it simple to relocate them as necessary based on changing needs.
  • Will modular partitions blend in with my existing office decor? Yes. Powder-coated and made from anodized aluminum frames, the IMT Wall is available in more than a dozen standard colours, as well as a nearly limitless number of custom colours.

Finally, if you are ready to discuss the benefits of modular wall systems, why not choose one of Canada and North America’s top-rated design and retail companies of portable office systems for more than a decade? All of our products are truly custom designed to cater for your needs and include an industry leading warranty and after-care policy.

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