In today’s fast paced business world, it is critical that office space is organized efficiently for maximum productivity. Overcrowded desks or other work areas, aisles or corridors crammed with boxes and file cabinets, or gathering spaces with bare minimum room are ingredients for disaster. These are only some of the challenges that Shay Sekler and his staff at IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. face every day as they design flexible and modular office systems for clients throughout Canada and around the world. The IMT Wall debuted in Toronto at IIDEX 2002, and thousands of clients have been better off since that time.

Tips for Designing Efficient Modular Office Space

One of the keys to a company being profitable is the health of its employees, which can mean providing sick and personal time, health insurance, wellness programs, and even efficiently designed modular office systems throughout the business. At IMT Modular, we often talk with clients on how they can improve their existing office space, but if you are considering an overhaul in terms of floor plans and furniture, here are some tips to think about before starting the project.

  • Evaluate existing space. Do you have enough work and meeting areas for employees, vendors, or visitors? We always encourage clients to assess current and future needs, and allow us to develop a configurable office plan for different contingencies.
  • Consider the benefits of artificial light that is enhanced with natural light. Because the typical “office worker” spends so many hours at a desk or other work area, provide well lit areas that are conducive to working on a computer, dry erase board, taking notes, or other tasks that cause eye strain. Big windows that span entire walls are a nice counter balance to overhead or cube lights.
  • The value of quiet time. One of the benefits of our modular office systems is they allow for quick design changes. Unlike plaster walls that are largely immovable, our flagship product — the IMT Wall — can be reconfigured as necessary to create quiet spaces where concentration and focus is needed at all times.
  • An efficient modular office space is only effective if it is integrated into a comprehensive design and floor plan. This means selecting the right office furniture, determining the flow of foot traffic in and out of the area, and assessing how certain areas like break or lunch rooms are utilized.
  • “It’s the people, stupid, not the technology.” Of course the modern office cannot function without computers, monitors, copy machines, and other technological wonders, but ultimately your company succeeds because of its people. Modular office space devoted to work should be counter balanced with areas for rest and impromptu gatherings.
  • An office is a busy place, with employees, vendors, and visitors constantly on the move. In order for yours to run at optimum efficiency, make sure pathways — aisles and hallways — are cleared for foot traffic. This reduces the amount of time it takes to get from Point A to Point B, making it less stressful for everyone.

The IMT Wall – the perfect modular office solution

The typical office space includes walls made from plaster or drywall that are incredibly sturdy and durable — but impossible to reconfigure. If a wall was constructed in error, the only option is a messy and time consuming tear down — unless you have the IMT Wall by IMT Modular Partitions Ltd.

The IMT Wall is a re-mountable modular office system that gives businesses far greater design options than traditional drywall or walls made of other materials. It can be custom made with different finishes like glass, laminate, tack boards, veneer, and white boards, as well as multiple door and configuration options. If you have the need for different cladding or finishes on the opposite side of the same wall — not a problem. We can install tack board on one side, and white board on the other, for instance. For maximum flexibility, the IMT Wall is available in sections that range from 12 to 48 inches wide, heights of eight or 12 feet, and can accommodate power lines, network cables, and other accessories vital to keeping your business running.

Why Choose IMT Modular Partitions?

IMT Modular is the leading provider of innovative and cost effective modular office systems for clients throughout North America and other global markets. The company has been in business since 2001 and has grown through cutting edge design, custom installation, and industry leading customer service. Founder and president Shay Sekler and his team are driven by the philosophy that each client is unique, with different goals and constraints, and work to develop solutions to help a company grow through workplace efficiencies.

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