Harkel Office Furniture Limited.

Dear Shay,

On behalf of Harkel Office Furniture Limited, I wanted to send you a note on the experiences our staff has had when working with the IMT client facing and internal team.
Americo is so knowledgeable on how and where your product can and should be used that he is our “go to” person when we have any installation questions and makes us look great by solving any site issues before we even know they could be a problem.
Melanie, while new to your IMT family, knows the design world and what designers are looking for which has helped us make great presentations. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure we have all the tools we need to make the sale of the project as easy as possible.
Your specification team is quick in getting back to us with drawings for our review so that we can be sure that our clients are receiving exactly what our sales staff had discussed with them.
Oksana is so willing to help out with invoicing questions and production questions anytime any of us call and is always so pleasant on the phone no matter what crisis the day brings.
We feel that the partnership of Harkel and IMT will last long into the future.

Harkel Office Furniture Limited