All IMT components can be demounted, moved, re-cut or recovered with 98%-100% reusability.
Installation and reuse results in limited airborne dust and no construction waste diverted to landfill.
The specification of the IMT Wall will support LEED certification through flexibility of design, manufacturing location and the Wall’s ease of re-application 94% of the raw materials used by IMT are produced from partially recycled materials, with any waste put back into recycling All steel structural components of the system are manufactured from a minimum of 8% post consumer recycled content and 33% post industrial recycled content.

Aluminum components are made from a minimum of 13% post consumer recycled content and 48% post industrial recycled content. Wood claddings are made from a minimum of 3% post consumer recycled content and 33% post industrial recycled content. IMT components support the “cradle to cradle” strategy.

Standard Panel Height

Wall heights of 8’ to 12’ are available as standard product.
Heights below this range are available and would be treated as engineering specials.

Standard Leveling Range

The structure allows for 1 ½” of adjustment at the top and 1 ½” at the bottom affording a total of 3” of floor to ceiling deviation. This can easily be augmented with off the shelf hardware to accommodate most floor conditions. Standard Panel Widths 12”, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″….custom sizes will be accommodated.

Wall Thickness

The wall thickness from face to face is 4”. The open cavity allows the user to integrate building electrical, data, water, low profile HVAC ducting and communications infrastructure.

Floor and Ceiling Channel

A universal ceiling and floor channel manufactured of 15ga cold rolled steel is used to house the Structural Posts in a continuous line and to act as a plinth for both floor and ceiling alignment. They are standard in either black or silver paint finish and can be powder coated as a special.

Structural Posts-straight and corner applications

The Structural Posts are a proprietary roll formed 16ga engineered galvanized steel profile. The Posts are slotted every 2″ to accept cross members, finishing elements, mounted furniture, shelves, binder bins and other storage components.


Available as solid, glazed or a combination of both. Frameless glass doors are available as a sliding “barn door” or standard “swing doors”. Doors come in 36” or 42” standard widths. (custom sizes available upon request) Doors include IMT standard hardware and lock cylinders.

Door Finishes

Laminate: solids, wood grain, metallic, glass insert, and custom finish available upon request.
Veneer: veneer finishes are standard clear maple, clear cherry. Custom finishes available upon request.
Glass: tempered clear, frosted or tinted and custom finish available upon request.

Standard Solid Cladding options

Laminate: solids, wood grain and metallic.

Veneer: maple and cherry and custom Veneer available upon request.

Standard wood substrate and laminate surface meets Class C designation for flame spread
Class A fire rating is attainable at an up-charge
Utility Facings include a universal accessory tile, magnetic white boards, back painted glass erasable boards and fabric or cork tack boards.


Glazed claddings are available in both single and double glass panes and come to site ready to install.
The frames are constructed utilizing a proprietary frame construction that allows for field replacement of broken or damaged glazed modules.
All glazed modules incorporate 6mm tempered glass. Eco-resin based inserts are also available as a special.
All glazed frames are clear anodized aluminum and can be powder coated as a special request.
Glazing is installed using a flexible gasket for rattle free applications.

Frame Finishes

Clear Anodized aluminum is standard for all door and window frames.
Optional black or white powder coating is available as a special.
Custom baked on powder epoxy is available as a special.

Electrical, Data & Communications

The IMT wall will house standard electrical boxes and data connections specified for use in base buildings. This is the lowest initial cost solution and creates non obsolesce of otherwise proprietary components
IMT will provide all electrical and data openings as required and can be either factory or site cut.

Furniture Components

A series of proprietary brackets allow for mounting of various furniture components such as work-surfaces, storage components and accessories including whiteboards, tack-boards and universal accessory tiles.


The IMT Wall has similar yet improved characteristics of conventional dry wall however the IMT Wall has been engineered to be extremely flexible and can be re-used, reconfigured and adapted in field, to respond to change now and in the future.
Integration to the base building can be achieved through Carpet Grippers and “T” Bar Clips resulting in negligible impact when walls are removed or relocated.
Simplified and universal structural components minimize parts while maximizing flexibility.
By using base building electrical and data systems integrated into our wall you will achieve faster and less expensive changes to your infrastructure
Design rich features that are cost prohibitive with conventional drywall are standard offering such as glazed sliding and swing doors, clerestory glazing, partial height applications etc.
Cladding options include laminate, glass, veneer, tack boards, white boards and a universal accessory module.


Accelerated depreciation…5-6 years like furniture, not 20+ years like drywall!
The IMT Wall is an asset that can move and change with you.
Accelerated install versus drywall and other like systems allows you to move in sooner thereby reducing costly swing space rental and allowing your company to get back to its core business sooner and with less interruption.

On-going product development

Newly engineered design for all sliding door mechanisms for better/simpler functionality
Improved integration with core building walls.
Back painted glass erasable modules.


The IMT Double Glazed Wall has an industry leading STC of 42 and our Double Skinned with standard insulation Solid Wall has an STC of 43, premium insulation to get highest STC available upon request.
By comparison the STC ratings for conventional construction are as follows:
Typical 4” gypsum and wood stud construction has an STC of 36
Typical 4” gypsum and wood stud construction filled with batting has an STC of 41
About STC: Sound Transmission Class is a single-number system used to rate the airborne sound transmission performance of a wall, panel, ceiling, etc. The higher the STC number, the better the product’s ability to block sound transmission.

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