Today’s more flexible, collaborative business structures call for an office space that reflects these ideas of openness and communication. Old office layouts where management stayed ensconced behind oak doors while everyone else was piled up on top of one another in dingy, life-draining cubicles the size of shoe boxes are over. Today’s office is an energy efficient hive of productivity where the exchange of ideas is encouraged and sunlight penetrates to the heart of the space. This transformation has been driven in large part by the movable office wall partition.

Formulating Success With Office Wall Partitions

Today’s office wall partitions are not just the enablers of greater productivity but the more flexible form they allow an office to take is also responsible for happier, healthier workers along with lower electricity, maintenance, heating and air conditioning costs. How is this possible?

  • A healthier environment – More natural and effective air circulation is one of the first and most obvious benefits you’ll enjoy from replacing your drywall and cubicles with movable office wall partitions. Another immediate benefit will be the increase in natural light that’s able to penetrate all areas of the office. These two factors alone – more effective airflow and an increase in natural light – have been shown to dramatically improve worker’s attitudes about their job and cut down on the number of sick days as well as job-related illness claims.
  • Reduced electric bills – Using modular partitions to shape your office to take maximum advantage of natural light will allow you to turn off many of the fixtures you were using to bring light to previously dark areas of the floorplan. The number of secondary lights, such as those used by workers in cubicles to augment the old recessed lights, will also be reduced. As a result you’ll enjoy substantial savings on the cost of lighting your office each month.
  • Lower maintenance costs – A simpler office layout with more open spaces will be many times easier to clean than the old cubicle farms. Today’s modular partitions are large simple shapes that don’t require painting and are typically stain resistant. In addition, it’s easier to clean the floors in a space with more open areas and few corners. And, should you need to reshape your office to accommodate changes in staffing, it can be handled overnight without creating piles of debris and clouds of dust for the cleaners to deal with.
  • Lower HVAC costs – Adapting a more open form for your office will allow for an easier, more effective flow of air through the space. This will reduce stress on the heating and air conditioning system, allowing it to do its job more efficiently. In the winter greater penetration of warm natural light can mean lower heating bills and in the summer shades or blinds built into the office wall partition will enable you to control the amount of solar heat and keep your air conditioning bills low.

They say form follows function, but when it comes to modular wall partitions function can be greatly enhanced by form. Movable office wall partitions will allow you to create a more productive office while at the same time enabling you to slash utility costs and reduce health-related expenses through more effective design of work space sizes, shapes and distribution.

IMT Modular are pioneers in the field of demountable walls systems and movable office wall partitions. We can help you transform your business from an inefficient one of drywall and cubicles to a 21st century dynamo that costs a fraction to operate and is able to reshape itself on the fly to fit your changing needs.

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