It’s long been instinctively understood that humans thrive when their workplace affords them some contact with the natural world. Businesses however, in their desire to impose hierarchical structures, create departmental groupings and often just to keep costs down have perhaps not paid as much attention to the intangible needs of their human resources as they should. Until recently that is.

With the open office plan coming under increasing fire and yet few willing or desiring to return to the days of drywall and darkness companies have been in search of a workable middle ground. A new posting on the website of design firm HOK focuses on recent efforts to find that workable middle path.

Not surprisingly, thoughtful workplace design can be a powerful tool for supporting employee performance. And a collateral benefit is that what typically supports productivity also enhances employee health and wellness – it’s all interrelated.

They go on to lay out the critical elements of an optimal office layout and, not surprisingly, imply a central role for office wall partitions, particularly moveable glass partitions.

  • “Organize the floor plate to maximize natural light penetration onto the floor. For example, place enclosed spaces around the core of the building and open spaces at the perimeter where windows are located.
  • Use glass where visual privacy is not required.
  • Give preference of “nice views” to shared spaces.
  • Provide outdoor areas for use by employees. Encourage employees to go outside for breaks, even if just for a few minutes.”

The first point assumes an office has not been subjected to an open-plan makeover and is still beset by a ring of solid-wall offices for the higher ups that catch sunlight and prevent it penetrating to the interior of the floor plan. The little that does penetrate in this type of plan is usually soaked up quickly by the sunlight velcro known as cubicles.

In this type of office breaking down walls and replacing them with modular glass partitions will have immediate and profound effects on the employees in that space. Some who have perhaps never seen sunlight on their desk are in for a treat. If fully enclosed spaces are still required they can be created in the interior using office wall partitions.

The second point speaks to the idea of office privacy which is sometimes important but is rarely required by anyone all day long. With glass partitions curtains or even mechanical shades can be introduced that can be closed should an individual require privacy for a time. Once the important meeting is over the shades/blinds can be reopened allowing sunlight back into the larger space. Office wall partitions made of glass also provide the “nice views” mentioned by HOK.

Office Wall Partitions: The Elegant Solution to Office Layout Problems

Office wall partitions provide maximum flexibility for office managers seeking to find that critical balance that benefits both businesses and staff. They allow for the opening up of space and the introduction of natural light that is so necessary to employee health, happiness and productivity. At the same time they allow the company to retain flexibility in how it manages its space should staffing or other requirements impose themselves.

Our Goal is to Make Your Workplace More Efficient

At IMT Modular we’re pioneers in the development of office wall partitions. The principles that guide our design process are versatility and flexibility and for this reason our products provide a range of practical and visual features that can be matched to any business need. From simple to sophisticated, from functional to feature-filled our office wall partitions respond to the needs of your business and the ever-changing technological landscape.

But we’re not only pioneers in the development of the contemporary office we’re also strong advocates for the environment with our products being composed of high percentages of recycled materials and being themselves nearly 100% recyclable.

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