The days of static, inflexible, labor intensive drywall are numbered. While some companies cling to that moldering technology enlightened businesses have forged a bold path into the 21st century using office wall partitions to shape their office environment to their every need quickly, efficiently and affordably. No more calling in the construction company to fill your office with dangerous piles of refuse bound for the landfill. Today you can plan the reconfigured space you need in the afternoon and have it up and running in the morning.

Some of the Features That Make Office Wall Partitions Invaluable

Flexibility by 20th century office standards was often measured by how much noise, drywall dust and paint odor your staff could endure whenever the slightest change had to be made to the office layout. With today’s modular wall partitions you can reconfigure your space overnight or adapt any  new technology without breaking a sweat. That’s because today’s modular partitions:

  • Are easily repositioned or repurposed
  • Are built to accommodate all of today’s data distribution needs
  • Have built in capabilities to accommodate plumbing or scientific gases and liquids
  • Provide power wherever you need it with standard outlets or modular components.
  • Are designed to keep your conversations private and prevent noise from other parts of the office from disrupting your meetings or concentration

Modular wall partitions also exhibit a stunning array of design features that enable them to meld seamlessly into any architectural style. Doors can be installed and removed as needed. They can be composed of natural wood, glass or laminate and can swing open, slide open, fold or pivot. When it come to finishes the number available for today’s office wall partitions is staggering and includes dozens of varieties of:

  • laminate
  • vinyl
  • fabric
  • wood
  • and tackable finishes

You can also choose clear glass or a variety of frosted finishes to accommodate any level of privacy you may require. The point is when you opt-in for today’s office wall partitions you are opting-in for unlimited possibilities. Other advantages of demountable partitions from IMT Modular include:

  • Significant Savings in Labour – Demolishing old fixed walls and building new ones is a long expensive project requiring the services of several different building trades. Modular wall partitions can be repositioned in a snap by your regular maintenance crew.
  • No Need to Involve Engineers and Architects – Repurposing your modular walls doesn’t require elaborate plans or lengthy engineering assessments. Simply envision how you want your space to look and reposition your modular components to make it happen.
  • No Permits Required – As an added bonus (as if any were needed) you won’t need to file building permits in order to restructure your office with modular partitions. Again, it’s a fast, easy, in-house job that requires no new materials or tradesmen and generates no waste.

Whether you need to quickly move a reception area, expand a conference room for an important meeting, reorganize the overall layout of your office to reflect newly reorganized departments or create a new executive suite office wall partitions from IMT Modular can get the job done. Designed with your technological, logistical, practical, functional, environmental and financial needs in mind our feature rich, leading-edge modular wall partitions are the answer to whatever need the 21st century office presents.

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