There are a lot of aspects of the 20th century office that have passed on or are on life support here in the 21st century including typewriters, fax machines, hard lines and drywall construction. Perhaps not surprisingly they all have something in common; they’re immovable. In the pre-digital world this lack of mobility wasn’t an issue because things changed slowly, the competition was known and the idea that your factory would be located on the other side of the world was laughable.

The Case for Moveable Walls

Companies today need to stay current with new technologies and need office space that is both dynamic and healthy. In this post we’ll look at a few reasons why moveable walls have replaced drywall in the modern office.

  • Beauty – Today’s modular walls reflect state of the art interior design principles and are available in an array of colors, textures and materials, including glass. Modular walls give your business a smart, lean 21st feel you can only dream about with drywall.
  • Adaptability – In the event staffing levels fluctuate incorporating new staff into your office environment is easily done when you can reshape the space in the course of an evening using modular walls and the maintenance crew. If you need to create a new office for a senior staff member that too can be accomplished overnight. Try doing that with drywall.
  • Affordability – While the cost of drywall construction varies it’s never cheap. If you need to bring in a contractor to demolish or build new walls to accommodate the changing needs of your business you’re looking at a major inconvenience encompassing weeks and a king-sized bill. With modular walls you pay once and move as many times as you need to.
  • Practicality – Today’s moveable walls from IMT Modular are made to last from top-quality materials and will provide years of dependable service. They’re easy to clean and maintain and easy to store. Should you move to a new office space in the future your modular walls can go with you and continue to serve you just as brilliantly in the new location. Try taking that drywall you paid so much for with you when you move.
  • Low impact – Besides being expensive, drywall demolition is a noisy, dirty and lengthy process that can lead to major disruptions in your ability to conduct business. Clouds of unhealthy dust hang in the air affecting workers, getting into electronic devices and grinding their way into the carpet. By contrast reconfiguring modular walls does not impact the office environment and, because it’s done after hours by the maintenance staff, is disruption-free.
  • Environmental responsibility – Drywall demolition creates piles of waste that ultimately wind up in a landfill. By contrast reshaping your office, laboratory, factory, restaurant or anything else using modular walls is a waste-free process. Also, many years down the road if you need to replace modular sections most of the materials used in their construction can be recycled.

During the postwar period drywall represented a step up in convenience from older plaster-and-slat walls. It held down its place in the life of the office until the nature of business itself changed at the dawn of the digital age. Today drywall is as antiquated a notion as the typewriter for companies that wish to compete in the global marketplace. Those companies need the flexibility and long term value embodied by moveable walls and depend on them to retain a competitive edge.

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