space efficient office with movable wallsMovable walls allow you to reshape your space on the fly. You’re no longer constrained by the fixed wall layout of days past and can expand and contract various areas as called for by workloads, project requirements, meeting requirements or staffing levels. This type of flexibility can have a dramatic effect on office productivity, reduce the need for hiring space to host functions and cut down on your energy usage by allowing you to take dormant areas out of commission and dedicate precious energy resources to those areas where the people are.

The Space Saving Virtues of Movable Walls

With movable wall systems from IMT Modular the days of wasting expensive office space are history. From now on the entire office can be rearranged to serve whatever need arises. For instance:

  • The spur of the moment function room: Need to host a big get together of clients or the sales staff? No need to hire a function room at a downtown hotel anymore. Move a few desks and create a function room right in the office. (You can compensate some of those who’ve been temporarily relocated with a few snazzy sandwiches from your catered event.) When you’re done return the table and chairs to the storage space and voila! Your office is back to full size overnight and you’ve saved a lot of hassles along with a bundle of money.
  • The joys of proximity: In the past if you wanted to communicate with someone in the office but didn’t have time to walk to their cubicle you likely started what would become a lengthy email chain. No more. With a hybrid space that incorporates movable office walls you and your colleagues can get reacquainted with each other and the joys of speaking face to face, or engaging in the lost art of nonverbal communication. Studies show that hybrid spaces drastically reduce the need for emails and cut decision making times considerably.
  • Think big – Think small: While movable walls are great for creating large areas for meetings and conferences they’re just as adept at creating small spaces for brainstorming and medium sized spaces where workgroups can gather and hash out vexing problems. And those spaces can be created overnight if need be at virtually no cost. Imagine trying to create a new office space if you had to rely on drywall construction. It would take weeks and cost thousands.
  • The impromptu interview room: Say all of your efforts to increase efficiency have paid off and your company is on the upswing. Now you need to hire some new staff to handle the workload but there’s no ‘interview’ room in your office. No problem. Simple take a corner of the reception area and have the maintenance crew create an interview room overnight using your movable partition walls. When the interview process is over return the space to the reception area.

With movable walls from IMT Modular your office space is no longer just ‘office’, it’s ‘space’. Space that you can reconfigure in any manner that suits the needs of the day. You’ll save time, save money, save hassles, save disruptions to your business and introduce a level of flexibility you never could have imagined previously.

IMT Modular are industry leaders in the field of movable wall technology. We’ve helped scores of companies discover a higher level of efficiency and as a result, higher levels of profitability through the use of our innovative office design products. Give us a call on 416-743-4513 and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales people about whether movable walls are right for your business.

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