Office space has never been more expensive. Companies trying to remain competitive in the fast-changing global marketplace need to squeeze every drop of value they can out of the space they have. In the past office managers leaned on cubicles to cram as many workers as possible into a space while still giving them some sense of autonomy. At least that was the theory. In reality those autonomous spaces felt more like prison cells than small offices and ‘death by cubicle’ became the office catchphrase.

Movable Walls to the Rescue

Clearly something needed to be done to both lift worker morale and maintain or even improve productivity while keeping costs under control. Some companies fully embraced the open plan office. Unfortunately their workers did not.  The prospect of sitting at benches like high schoolers had many waxing nostalgic for the cubicle. A middle road was needed. Enter movable walls.

Movable walls allow for:

  • Total customization – If you need several teams to join forces on a large project all it takes is an evening of work by your maintenance crew to reconfigure the office so that those that need to be in proximity to one another can be. If you’re having a large client get together at headquarters you can reconfigure one of your conference rooms to accommodate everyone and then switch things back to normal the next day.
  • More effective use of space – Use movable glass partitions to both open up your office to natural light and to reintroduce the luxury of nonverbal communication between staff members. Use movable partition walls to improve traffic flow in the office. If your workforce has a tendency to expand and contract you can resize your space anytime you want. Isolate and shut down unused areas to save on heating, air conditioning and electricity.
  • The end of wasted space – In old drywall offices there are always one or two odd-shaped spaces that don’t quite work. Usually the copy machine goes in there next to the coffee pot just to give the space something to do. By using movable walls instead of drywall you eliminate these weird spatial anomalies and make use of all the space you’re paying for.
  • Hassle free expansion – If you’ve just hired a new senior staff member you can reconfigure your space overnight to accommodate a new office. No debates about who’s going to have to give up their office for the new person, no more enduring weeks of drywall construction with all its dust, dirt, noise and square footage taken out of productive use. And by using glass partition walls no more blocking out the sun ala drywall.
  • A healthier more productive environment – Movable partition walls mean no more debates about cubicle health effects. No more disorienting, maze-like areas in the office. Better noise control and air flow. More natural light. Better sightlines and a renewed sense of camaraderie among the staff.
  • Significant savings – With movable glass partitions allowing sunlight to penetrate there’s no more spending a fortune lighting dark corners of the office all day every day. Natural light penetration also means being able to take advantage of the sun’s natural heating properties during the winter months

With movable partition walls your office is no longer set in stone. It’s as flexible as you are, as nimble as your engineer’s minds and as efficient as a well oiled machine. Don’t settle for drywall’s inflexibility and expense. Open your business to the versatile, beautiful, affordable 21st century organization and productivity solution that is movable walls.

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