Modular walls systems from I-M-T come with a boatload of benefits that make them the smart choice for offices, educational institutions, research facilities, brick and mortar retail establishments, shopping malls, convention centres and more. When you choose I-M-T modular walls systems you’re not just saving time and money and making your business more flexible, you’re also taking a stand for the world we live in; the one our kids will inherit. That’s because all of I-M-T’s modular walls are conceived, designed and fabricated with sustainability in mind.

Modular Wall Systems and the Green Office Revolution

Modular walls make sense in a variety of ways but maybe none as important as the contribution they’ve made and continue to make in the area of environmental responsibility. Here are just some of the ‘green effects’ generated by our modular walls.

  • Green Effect 1: Preserving Resources – Virtually no primary resources are used in the fabrication of demountable walls. No trees are cut down to create our product, no aluminum or steel is mined or new plastics created that will wind up in the ocean someday. Close to 100% of the materials used to produce our moveable walls are recycled materials; meaning precious, finite resources will still be available for future generations.
  • Green Effect 2: Reducing Energy Consumption – Many of our moveable walls incorporate glass panels that allow natural light to filter throughout the office reducing dependence on energy-draining artificial light. Modular walls can also be configured in a way that is most conducive to the airflow in your space thereby allowing your HVAC system to both heat and cool your business more efficiently.
  • Green Effect 3: Creating A Healthier Environment – As cubicle farms have gradually faded into the sunset of unhappy memory they’ve been replaced by brighter, healthier, more vital modular offices employees love to come to work in. It’s been proven by a multitude of studies that sick days and medical claims are reduced when cubicles are replaced with modular wall systems that allow for a more thoughtfully arranged space.
  • Green Effect 4: Waste Free Renovation – When drywall offices need to be reshaped huge piles of debris are generated that have no useful purpose and wind up in the local landfill. Not so with modular walls from I-M-T. Whether you need to add a private office space or conference room or reconfigure your entire central office your modular walls can be moved overnight without generating an ounce of waste.
  • Green Effect 5: Long Term Sustainability – At the end of their extraordinarily long life your demountable walls won’t wind up in a landfill mixed in with all the drywall from your competitor’s renovations. Our demountable walls will go back into the material stream from whence they came to be used in the manufacture of the next generation of modular walls.

Don’t forget that modular wall systems make incredible financial sense too. No more paying for the drywall guys to turn your office into a dirty, disruptive construction zone every time you want to make a change. Modular walls can be swapped out and mixed and matched to meet your changing needs. They allow you to adapt on the fly and move when you want to move today, tomorrow and for years down the line.

I-M-T has been an industry leader in the movement to transition from wasteful, energy inefficient and unhealthy workplaces to working environments that acknowledge our responsibility to future generations. The green office that once seemed an unattainable goal is here with us now and scores of private and public enterprises are taking advantage of it. Why not you? Call I-M-T today to learn more.

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