The modern office space is an ever-evolving thing. Whereas 50 years ago offices were gloomy, monastic and designed to give the impression of permanence, today’s office is a dynamic space that needs to accommodate changing technology while still nurturing the wellbeing of workers and providing companies with a cost-effective platform from which to run their business.

Breaking New Ground in 2016 With Modular Wall Systems

In this post we’ll take a look at where the evolution of the contemporary office is headed in the coming year and how those changes may affect the people and businesses involved.

  • Modular walls – Modular wall systems have allowed companies the world over to make more effective use of their space and retain the logistical flexibility necessary to compete in a hyper-competitive global marketplace. Modular walls help to create a more attractive workplace with better air circulation, more beneficial natural light and less isolation. In 2016 expect modular walls to continue to evolve with a focus on increased tech integration.
  • Getting a grip on cables – The digital age eats, sleeps and breathes electricity. There are a slew of office devices that need to be plugged in and even more productivity tools that, although they may be portable, still need to have their batteries recharged. In 2016 look for office managers to try and finally get a grip on power cable overload and find a way to remove the tangle from sight wherever possible.
  • Enhanced lighting schemes – Office designers have been trying for years to find ways to complement the increased amount of natural light in open or semi-open office plans with artificial light in a way that makes sense. This type of accent or feature lighting will be used in new and interesting ways in the coming year to help reinforce branding in the office, create focal points for visitors and create a more relaxed atmosphere in break rooms.
  • Color – Modular wall systems have opened up the office and allowed for the introduction of color; something that was basically unheard of in your parent’s time. Expect the focus on color to intensify during the coming year as designers and office managers learn more about the power of color to affect mood and inspire creativity. You can also expect modular wall designers, furniture makers and carpet manufacturers to explore the power of color as well.
  • The high-tech lounge – Look for office managers and designers to find new ways to infuse the traditional lounge area with productivity tools that promote collaborative cooperation during breaks and lunch. People don’t stop thinking when they’re on break and by integrating productivity tools into lounge areas ideas can be captured, shared and modified before they’re forgotten.
  • Smart furniture – Furniture in 2016 will merge more completely than ever with today’s most common productivity tools. People attending a meeting in the conference room will be able to plug their tablet or smartphone directly into a usb port on the table to access or share critical data, you’ll be able to recharge that phone by plugging it into your chair and the surface of some tables will themselves become enormous touch screens.

Offices in the coming year will feel more and more like productivity playgrounds with the ability to do just about anything you want or need to from just about anywhere. The driving force behind much of this progress will continue to be modular wall systems that allow businesses to reshape their space on the fly to fit their changing needs. Call IMT Modular on 416-743-4513 to find out more about how our groundbreaking modular wall systems can help reshape your business to make you more competitive in 2016.


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