General Site Tools

An orderly site will allow for fast, professional and effective workmanship of the installation. To do so one should create an onsite “work-shop” that will allow most tasks to be accomplished in the easiest manner. It would be wise to position the “work-shop” in an area that will allow dust to be generated (enclosed space, balcony, etc…):

  • At least two Saw Horses – to create work bench.
  • Cardboard & Nylon sheets – to maintain a clean site around the “dirty areas”.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – to tidy up at the end of install.
  • Window Cleaner (and paper towels).
  • Wood polish spray (and paper towels) – only for veneer finishes.
  • Suction-Cups (double or triple cupped) – to handle and install Glass & Laminate skins.

Measuring and alignment tools

In order to properly install the modular partitions it is impaired to be accurate in transforming the plan into the actual product being erected. To comply with this need proper measuring and alignment tools are essential:

  • Measuring tape (preferably one with imperial & metric dimensions).
  • Chalk line – to mark wall locations and direction.
  • Laser Level – with height adjustable tripod or a self-leveling device.
  • 2 Carpenter Levels – 24” and 48” in length.

Cutting & Fastening Tools

Some of the parts must be cut to size on site. In order to perform this in a proper manner, the following tools are required and should be positioned in an area where it is acceptable for dust generation (enclosed space, balcony, etc):

Equipment Function
Steel chop-saw (with spare blades) cut channels, cross members & possibly posts.
Aluminum chop-saw (with spare blades) trim partition ends and door profiles.
Wood Gig-Saw (with spare blades) open power & data holes for outlets.
Wood Circular-Saw (with spare blades) cut end skins to final size.
Cordless Drill (with metal drills of 3mm, 5mm &11mm).
Set of drill bits (including long/round headed Allan bit -metric).
Hammer Drill (with set of drills for wall metal, etc…).
Hole saw-drills to create large circular holes in wood skins for electrical outlets.
Metal-file clean burrs left over from the saws cut.
Fine Wood-file clean burrs left over from the Gig-Saw cut.
Hack-saw for small steel cuts as required.
Exacto knife (with spare blades)
Standard scissors cut all rubber gaskets
Steel scissors cut corner creators in Off-Module connections.
Pliers fasten cross member brackets in end situations.
Double-Sided Tape secure wall adapters to the walls.
Ratchet Set fasten bolts.
Self Tapping Screws – 10mm
Ram-set with 1 inch concrete nails and shots.
Standard iron apply self-edge.

Other Tools

Further tools and materials are used for performing the installation properly:

  • Rubber Mallet aligning parts without harming them.
  • Pizza Cutter Roller insert all the rubber gaskets into place.


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