IMT Modular Partitions are designed with similar, yet improved, characteristics of conventional dry wall. It has been engineered to be extremely flexible and can be re-used, reconfigured and adapted in the field to respond to change. The wall is assembled from an internal metal-framed structure or skeleton, exterior cladding [skins] and various customer specific accessories.

Internal Structure Non-Unitized:

Assembled on site, the internal framework supports the modular Partition component parts while addressing irregularities in leveling of either floor or ceiling. This structure creates the space division, departments, corridors & rooms.
The internal structure consists of:

  • Post – the vertical elements that have a standard leveling range of ±2” top and bottom or ±-4” per post.
  • Corner post – providing the same support as the verticals elements but also junction configurations of 90°, 120° & 135°.
  • Channel – a universal ceiling and floor channel to house the posts in a continuous line and to act as a plinth for both floor and ceiling alignment.
  • Corner channel – serves the same function as the regular channel but for junction configuration.
  • Cross member – The horizontal element of the internal structure that bridges the gap between posts. It is placed on the outer face of the frame. This will allow for a different cladding or skin configuration on each side of a single module.


Interchangeable finish elements that complete the exterior of the Modular Walls. The facing creates the visual effect of the partition and is available in a variety of sizes, functions and finishes.
The cladding options consists of:

  • Floor skin – to be positioned at floor level, available in solid finishes only (laminated surfaces, veneer and fabric).
  • Ceiling skins – to be positioned adjacent to the ceiling, available in all solid finishes (laminate, veneer and fabric). This ceiling element comes in 12 standard heights to accommodate varying heights of ceilings.
  • Solid skins – available in laminate, veneer and fabric in multiple sizes for the various module configurations.
  • Tempered glazing – single/double framed panels available, clear/frosted or decorative pattern (REMOVE: double paned, framed or exterior glass, clear, frosted or decorative. (single glazing available for project with a net product cost over $50,000).
  • Utility segments – slat-wall, white-board and tack-board used to enhance functionality of the wall surface.
  • Corner covers – covering the corner posts in various finishes.
  • Doors – glass or solid available with vision panels as necessary


Enhance the functionality of the Modular Partitions with the use of our accessories.
The accessories consist of:

  • “Plug and play” electrical
  • Cantilevers & brackets – designed to support 3rd party furniture components
  • Can accommodate flat screen technology
  • Coat hooks & picture hangers
  • Reception passthrough openings and transaction tops
  • Acoustic batt insulation

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