IMT Modular Partitions, North America’s leading business in interior construction, is on the forefront of the design and installation business providing you the best results for your acoustic partition needs. Our work can turn a drab and generalized workspace into a functional- and aesthetically pleasing- office.

IMT’s acoustic partitions are the perfect addition for any business so your employees can get the privacy they need and the calm and professional atmosphere necessary for them to accomplish their goals. We can custom design our partitions to fit the needs of your company and make the most out of your workspace.

All of IMT’s modular products are environmentally friendly with 94% of the raw materials used produced from partially recycled materials. Not only that, but all of our materials are designed to be reusable.

IMT acoustic panels are available in two pre-configured door friendly options: partial door, and full door. The company’s modular wall systems also come in six more pre-configured choices: full, duo, symmetrical, trio, work surface, and upper.

Visit our website at or contact us at (416) 743-4513 to learn more about our company and how we can help your business even better. Stop settling when it comes to office design and organization; see how much you can improve by using IMT’s acoustic office partitions.

Acoustic Partitions are the Perfect Method for Making Your Business a More Productive One.

There are numerous uses for the noise dampening effects of acoustic partitions. Whether you own a restaurant and want to cut down on the ambient noise to give your customers a more pleasant dining experience or an office manager who wishes to maximize his team’s productivity with a more relaxed and private environment, IMT has the tools, resources, and knowhow to help build your perfect business.

The benefits of a less noisy business place are numerous. You can solve a number of problems ranging from making your space more pleasant to customers or clients, creating more peace of mind for employees, or helping ensure that private or privileged company information stays private and privileged.

In addition, acoustic partitions are bottom line friendly. Setting up a quiet office using materials like drywall is expensive, time consuming, and permanent. By using modular walls and modular partitions you can install a fluid work place for less money. Using acoustic partitions will mean that you get the same noise cancelling benefits of expensive materials like drywall for a fraction of the price. It’s the best of both worlds!

Using Acoustic Partitions, IMT can create any Temporary Workspace for Your Business.

The modular office style is a popular one amongst businesses for a good reason. It allows you to take any general workspace and mold it into one geared specifically to suit your needs.

We use a variety of design elements to make sure that the environment that you envision is the environment that you get. We use demountable partition walls and doors, accordion doors, architectural partitions, glass partition walls, and other means to give you exactly what you’re looking for, and all with the acoustic partition units to give you a more quiet environment.

  • Wall Partitions: The gold standard of a modular workspace, standard partitions can mean everything from traditional cubicles to a fully-fledged office suit that just happens to have all of the advantages of modular materials.
  • Demountable Partition Walls and Doors: For those who still want the sturdy, solid, and soundproof qualities of drywall but without the mess, cost, and permanency, demountable partitions and doors are still an option from IMT. Able to be installed, moved, and uninstalled with little fuss, these are a great compromise between the office partition model and permanent walls.
  • Accordion Doors: Accordion doors are a perfect option for restaurants, offices, churches, daycare centers, assisted living facilities, and so many other types of enterprises. Any setting where moderate acoustic control could improve your business could benefit from accordion doors.
  • Architectural Partitions: You can get all the sound-blocking quality and all of the benefits of modular partitions with the appearance of more expensive building materials with IMT’s architectural partitions. Designed to look like anything- be it granite, marble, wood, or whatever you want- you can get the bets of bother worlds.
  • Glass Office Partitions: Reducing the noise pollution in your office doesn’t have to mean cutting parts of it off from one another. Using glass office partitions, you can create an office that is both peaceful and interconnected. Glass partitions also have the added bonus of allowing in more natural light from windows throughout the whole office thus creating a workplace that is more cheerful and less expensive as you won’t have to run as many lights during the daylight hours.

The best part of our partitions is that there’s no need for you to commit to a particular design. You can try different layouts to see which is the best fit for you. No matter what industry you are in, good managers know that business is always changing; let your office change with it by using our acoustic partitions.

Give your Business a Makeover with IMT Acoustic Partitions

You can specify the exact style and appearance you want for your office. Office glass partitions, size preferences, material, color, and shape are all options with our acoustic partition units. No matter what your needs to what you want the finished product to look like, they can all come with our sound blocking acoustic material.

We even provide architectural walls with our sound cancelling design. Get a variety of veneers and textures on your acoustic partitions. We can provide anything you may want, all with the same noise reduction properties as our other designs.

Communication is the heart of a business, don’t let the important aspects of your company get lost in the white noise and hustle and bustle of life, contact IMT Modular Walls today at 416-743-4513 for more information on how acoustic partitions can help turn your Toronto business from good to great!

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