Companies are always looking for an edge to increase profits and workplace productivity. Maybe it is the launch of a much hyped product line. Perhaps management has implemented a wellness plan, or even decided to completely renovate existing space to make it friendlier and more comfortable with new furniture, accessories, and modular office partitions. Hundreds of companies across Canada, North America, and other global markets have sought an edge to grow their business and have turned to the professionals at IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. to help maximize space through the use of innovative modular wall systems.

Building the Ideal Workspace with Office Partitions

Improving workspace productivity takes a rare combination of leadership, resources, and the cooperation of everyone involved, from the president of the company to the newest mailroom hire. Companies that ultimately succeed have all of these going for them, but building the ideal workspace with office partitions requires a broader vision, a plan to merge all the disparate pieces into a cohesive platform on which to drive profits and growth.

At IMT Modular Partitions Ltd., our design consultants are often asked how to build the ideal workspace environment. There are no easy answers, and what may be right for your company could be off the mark for another. But here are some strategies to consider:

  • Before deciding on what office partitions to buy, consider the future. How long will you occupy this space — only for the duration of your current lease, or longer? For short term leases of a year or less, many businesses decide to lease furniture and equipment, rather than buying.
  • Is current floor space open, allowing you to configure different layouts? Most newer office buildings have open floor plans, used to lure businesses with a need for custom designs in terms of work areas, meeting spaces, break rooms, or storage rooms.
  • Companies that grow and are profitable can attribute it to a number of factors, including exceptional team work. To foster team work and cooperation, think about the many benefits of IMT’s modular office partitions and how they can help you achieve your bottom line.
  • Build an office space that encourages employees to move around, to visit other work areas, conduct impromptu meetings, and share ideas more openly.
  • Think about different furniture options. One of the greatest benefits to working with IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. is that our modular systems are highly configurable and can be integrated with existing furniture, equipment, and accessories without starting completely from scratch.
  • Talk with one of our consultants and ask about touring other buildings that have been outfitted with our office partitions. Many of our clients would be happy to show you their office space, and give you tips on how to increase workplace productivity in the process.
  • Finally, building office space requires budget and represents significant capital outlay for many companies. Know how much you can afford to spend, and stick to that amount.

The IMT Wall Versus the World

Before starting IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. in 2001, Shay Sekler saw his share of inefficiently organized office space. One characteristic of many offices were traditional walls made of plaster that could not be reconfigured. If an executive decided a new floor plan was in order, the only alternative was to tear the old walls down and start over — resulting in a mess, not to mention a waste of time and money. So the two men set out to change that, and designed a movable wall system of office partitions that would make it simple and inexpensive for a floor plan to be modified.

The IMT office partitions difference

What makes the IMT Wall unique compared to the competition?

  • IMT’s modular office systems are available in more than a dozen laminate finishes in three grades.
  • Multiple cladding or surface options include glass, veneer, tack boards, and white boards.
  • The IMT Wall is environmentally friendly, with 94 percent of the construction materials derived from post-consumer and industrial content.
  • All IMT products are LEED certified.
  • The IMT Wall can be assembled and disassembled with the use of average hand tools, making it easy for them to be moved from one spot in an office to another.
  • IMT modular systems have an STC (sound transmission class) rating of 43.

Client List

Since 2001, IMT Modular Partitions Ltd. has earned clients all around the world with innovative designs, custom installations, competitive pricing, and the best warranty and customer service reputation in the industry. As a result, the company has sold and installed more than 1,000,000 linear feet of its modular office partitions to a wide range of businesses, including Adecco, Chartered Accountants, Chemtrade, Google, Microsoft, and many others.

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