Modular wall systems are the building blocks of a successful 21st century enterprise. Literally. These innovative drivers of modern business have taken the concepts behind children’s building blocks (simplicity, versatility, compatibility, portability) and applied them to the logistical, environmental, technological and financial challenges of the modern office, warehouse, laboratory, retail store, convention center and transportation hub, to name just a few places.

Modular Wall Systems: The Spark and the Flame of Contemporary Business

Startups looking to save on build-out costs will often invest in a small number of modular partitions in order to provide a basic structure to their office. As they grow, they purchase more and different sections to accommodate new and different needs. When they outgrow their original space they move to larger facilities and take their demountable walls with them to provide the backbone for the layout of their new home. It’s this ability to continually repurpose modular wall components that make them the Swiss Army Knife of building materials. Their many benefits include:

  • Savings – When you’re just starting out you likely don’t have piles of money to invest in a deluxe office environment. You’re better off leasing a large open space and purchasing some modular wall components to give it form. By doing so, you’ll be setting your company on the road to long-term financial sustainability since these modular components will be able to grow and move with you as necessary.
  • Flexibility – In the past, company growth kept many a business owner and office manager awake at night wondering how increased staffing levels and rearranged departments would ever be accommodated without months of disruption and enormous construction bills. Today your office can be reconfigured during a couple of staff meetings and the new floor plan implemented over a night or weekend with no construction crews or permits necessary.
  • Built in Scalability – Not only can you reconfigure quickly you can also add or subtract as many modular wall sections as you need as each attaches firmly and simply to any other. Unused sections can be taken out of storage to build a new lunchroom and conversely, sections that are no longer needed can simply be detached and stored away for another day.
  • Communicability – As you grow and evolve you can easily adjust your floor plan to ensure people who should be talking to each other are doing just that. Promoting a culture where the free-flow of ideas is encouraged is an important part of remaining competitive. This type of environment also plays a major role in helping a business attract the best people.

With modular wall systems you’ll be able to shorten your ride to the top because your company won’t be bogged down by outrageous construction costs every time you need to expand. Also, the higher levels of natural light in your office – made possible by your glass wall partitions – will allow you to save significant amounts on lighting; money you can pump back into R&D to accelerate the rollout of new products designed by happier, more motivated employees.

Any start-up contemplating the acquisition of office space for their new business that isn’t contemplating modular wall systems for that office is planning to waste financial and human resources for years to come. Don’t be like that. Unlock your company’s potential by freeing it from yesterday’s wasteful ideas and embracing the many and real benefits of demountable walls systems.

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