Love them or loath them, offices are a big part of everyday life. Regardless of the industry, you can count on an office being used in the day-to-day life of a company somewhere down the line. Cubical offices emerged as the most popular and dominated office culture for several decades, yet in the present it’s office’s that utilize hazard-free office wall partition which reign supreme. Yet whilst they come with a wide range of benefits, if your office wall partition isn’t implemented correctly it could lead to safety concerns. Here’s how you can avoid that problem and enjoy their benefits in a safe working environment.

Safety First – Tips for a Hazard-Free Office Wall Partition Layout

You might think the world has gone health and safety mad, but there’s good reason for it. Follow these tips to ensure that your office is a safe as it can be and to avoid any potentially nasty injuries.

Consider the type of office wall partition you need

One of the many strengths of partition walls are its versatility. Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, they can suit the taste and style of any office. But whilst it may be tempting just to go with what looks best, make sure you’re actually putting thought into how your decision can affect everyday life in the office.

There’s no doubting that in some office environments, having an opaque partition wall is preferable due to security concerns and the need for confidentiality. However, they also open the door to several potential hazards. By not being able to see what’s behind them, it can lead to potential falls, trips and bumps over clutters on the floor, people and office staples such as the mail cart. If you know there’s a busy or congested walkway in your office, consider glass as an option. Not only is it sleek, modern and futuristic looking, it can help to prevent your staff from having a nasty accident in the work place.

You might also want to consider the height of the office wall partition that you pick for your office. By picking a wall that’s too short, you run the risk of sunlight and its glare from obstructing the vision of your employees and causing temporary blindness – not something that you want to have on your hands in a busy environment like an office!

Make sure it’s wide enough

With deadlines for reports, mail coming in and out and people heading to the copy machine; an office can be a busy place. That’s why you need to make sure to put careful thought into the width of your corridors. Everybody would like to have a bigger office, and the movable nature of partition wall might make it tempting just to add a few extra inches, but that could lead to an accident. Narrow corridors and walkways increase the risk of people bumping into one another and heavy object like tables. Be happy with the size of the office you have, and look to prioritize safety of others over your own personal comfort.

Hazard-Free Office Wall PartitionWatch out for the glass!

As we’ve already said, a glass partition wall is a great product and popular for a reason. Yet sometimes they look so good, people end up getting too close of a look at them. We’ve all seen the videos of people walking into glass screen doors in the home – now think of what can happen if people are rushing from one place to another in an office! Etching, frosting and bubbling is a great way to retain or enhance the beauty of a glass partition whilst also helping it to stand out to your employees. So be careful where you place them and how many you end up using – you could be hearing quite a few crashes through the week…

Can you keep the noise down?

Some industries are noisier than others, but all offices tend to be quite noisy places due to meetings, phone calls and general chitchat. You might not be aware, but your office layout can actually have a big effect on the noise levels with the work place environment.

According to studies, glass walls allow between 50-100% more noise through them than traditional soundproofed drywall. A noisy working environment can lead to a range of problems from your employees, from reduced productivity to ailments such as headaches, migraines or stress. Therefore it’s wise to consider where exactly you wish to place your glass office wall partitions. For a regular office you’re probably safe, but if you’re thinking of using them for meeting rooms, kitchen and canteens? You might want to think again, otherwise you’ll be searching for some lozenges for your throat from having to tell everyone to keep to noise down for the umpteenth time.

Allow a clear path to the fire exit

Last, but certainly not least, is ensuring there’s a clear, well-lit path to the fire exit. With the excitement of getting a partition wall in the office, it’s understandable that some things may be taken for granted, such as easy routes to the bathroom, but you should always ensure that a route to the fire exit is the first and last thought of any office renovation. Don’t take any chances and consult with professionals – there are people’s lives at stake.

You’re All Set Hazard-Free Office Wall Partition

We don’t want you to be scared too much – office wall partitions are a wonderful product and should be enjoyed. Yet as with anything, there needs to be proper planning with regards to the layout. Whilst glass is well-feted for its beauty, too much can not only look bad, but result in a few uncomfortable moments for your employees. Whilst it’s tempting to upgrade your office to king sized, it’s not really worthwhile if it means Kevin from accounts can’t fit past to go to the bathroom. And, jokes aside – make sure you plan for the event of a fire. Whilst it may never happen, you’ll be grateful you had a plan if it does.

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