The traditional office with its imposing walls, myriad antechambers and dark, forbidding interiors has been largely relegated to the world of old movies and high-priced law firms. However, while nearly everyone admitted the office needed to change there was precious little agreement on just what shape that change should take. For years businesses looked to the cubicle, but they came with their own soul-crushing attributes like cramped space, air stagnation and a dependence on artificial light. Finally, as the 20th century gave way to the 21st a true alternative emerged, glass partitions.

How Glass Partitions Foster Productivity

In the old-fashioned office of yesteryear hierarchy was everything. Office layout promoted that idea at the expense of nearly everything else. In a time when the competition was clearly defined and playing by the same rules that worked to a certain extent. But not anymore. Today, if you’re not flexible and making the most of all your assets you’re likely to end up out of business in short order; plowed under by companies half a world away operating as single, highly productive organisms.

Glass partitions can help keep you in the game by:

  • Fostering communication – Simple but effective means of nonverbal communication were persona non grata in the old office. With glass partitions this tried and true, eons-old method of communicating is restored. If you need someone in the next space to bring something or do something you don’t need to walk over and ask them, just shoot them a sign or make eye contact with them. Is there a faster method of communication than the head-nod?
  • Elevating the mood of your workers – Every employer knows that happy workers are productive workers. Most employers who spent years confining workers to cubicles know just how bad things can get when people feel trapped in depressing grey closets full of stagnant air and random office noise. Glass partitions restore natural light that has been shown time and again to lift employee spirits.
  • Restoring privacy while promoting openness – Life in a cubicle meant a loss of control and random intrusions from anyone that felt like popping in. Glass partition walls restore a modicum of privacy and control to employees – even if you aren’t behind a door you can see who’s coming – while at the same time creating an open, team-oriented atmosphere that benefits the organization.
  • Reducing costs – That natural light mentioned above equals less need for electric light. Less electric light means smaller electric bills which means your company is leaner, more financially agile and better able to compete. Fewer sick days means more money spent on actual work, and healthier employees means lower insurance costs.

Today more than ever business is a collaborative effort that requires everyone to be on the same page and pulling in the same direction. The quantum leaps in productivity created by the digital age benefit not only you but also your competition. For that reason rigid hierarchies and workers toiling away in cloistered anonymity will no longer cut it. You need to see who you’re working with. You need to be able to share ideas with them. They need to be motivated and healthy and happy to be at work. Glass partition walls can help achieve all these objectives.

IMT Modular has been leading the way toward a more cooperative, coordinated, productive workplace for years. Our glass partitions are not only flexible, functional and tech ready they’re beautiful as well. Don’t sit still while the future plows you under. Stay on top of your company’s fate by opening up your space with glass partition walls from IMT Modular and see the difference being able to see what’s going on around you can make.

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