More and more businesses in the United States & Canada are turning to creative office design, using products like glass partitions. These movable glass walls and partitions allow for a more unique approach to typical workspaces—no more drab colors and rows upon rows of tiny, identical cubicles. An office with glass partition walls is an open, accessible space, providing necessary physical barriers while removing the interpreted “visual” barriers that are common in traditional cubicle offices. Glass partition walls also create an appealing, light-filled workspace that many employees report as relaxing and comfortable. They are the perfect modular office solution, with beautiful design and acoustic values.

What does this have to do with increased productivity? It’s simple: when employees feel they have fewer physical barriers separating them from others, they are more likely to participate in collaboration. When they feel relaxed and comfortable in their workspace, they are more productive—some studies suggest far more so than when they work in typical office settings. And when your employees are more productive, it is reflected in your business’s bottom line.

That’s appealing to any business. But how do you know which kind of partition walls to choose or how to implement the design? There are many different options to choose from in the growing field of modular office design—how do you know which one is right for your business?

Toronto-based IMT Modular Partitions is at the forefront of this emerging design solution, offering several different types of glass partition walls that are unique to each workspace. These walls can be easily assembled, moved, re-used and rearranged as business needs permit—a growing workforce can be readily accommodated through use of modular walls. Whether you choose floor-to-ceiling glass, duo-segmentation walls, or horizontal partitions, your redesigned office space will flow with as much creativity as it will with natural light.

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Duo Segmentation Walls (Glass & Solid)

Combining solid laminate and clear glass, a duo segmentation wall provides just the right amount of privacy without the feeling of dominant physical barrier. The laminate wall can be designed to a specific height or length, topped by horizontal, demountable glass partitions that are easy to install or remove. Duo segmentation walls are ideal for:

  • Closely-space cubicles or desks – Give your employees the privacy they need without making them feel disconnected from each other
  • Conference rooms – Add an element of light and open space to a typically closed-off environment, encouraging creativity and collaboration
  • Open spaces and common areas – Transform open spaces into multi-functional areas by dividing them with segmented walls

The possibilities are endless when you use duo segmented walls in your work space. They can be easily installed, re-assembled, moved, or demounted in order to meet your specific needs as your business grows. Give your office the best of both worlds: the benefit of both privacy and relaxation that is perfect for creativity, collaboration, and increased productivity.

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Vertical Full Glass Partitions

Maximize natural light through vertical full glass walls without sacrificing privacy or efficiency. These glass partition walls run from floor to ceiling and are used in lieu of traditional solid drywall. The design elements are up to you: the glass partitions come in a variety of designs and arrangements, but each partition is acoustically sound, allowing for privacy when making phone calls or conducting a meeting. Use vertical full glass walls for:

  • Conference rooms – Discreet enough to conduct private meetings, yet open enough to let in natural light
  • Common areas – Divide common areas and open spaces into different areas of use, without dominant physical barriers
  • Lobbies and entrance ways – An open and welcoming entrance is essential to any business

Full glass partitions and walls are also environmentally friendly, allowing natural light to illuminate a workspace without relying heavily on the florescent lighting found in traditional offices. Many glass partition walls meet requirements for LEED certification, which can help acquire funding or grants for your business. They are demountable and modular, able to be installed or moved anywhere in your office space.

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Horizontal Segmented Glass Partitions

Looking to add a physical barrier without restricting interaction between employees? Do you want to make better use of existing structures or desk spaces? Adding horizontal segmented glass walls is an excellent way to redesign existing space, bringing new life to an old office. IMT can install segments up to 84” wide, allowing you to design the space with endless options. Use these glass partitions for:

  • Existing desks – Make old cubicles look like new by replacing the top modular portions with horizontal glass segments
  • Conference rooms – Redesigning existing solid drywall to include segmented glass walls in order to bring modern design and natural light to closed spaces
  • Common areas and hallways – Open up common areas by adding glass partitions

Horizontal segmented glass walls allow for the creativity to redesign your office space to meet your business needs in a unique way. They offer flexibility in design and functionality, helping to maximize office space while maintaining design principals.

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Many options exist for the modern business in terms of design and functionality. Does your business require collaboration? Does it encourage interaction between employees to come up with the best, most efficient ideas? Are you interested in looking for new, innovative ways to increase productivity?

If you can say yes to any of these propositions, then modular design and glass partitions may be the answer for your business. The ability to design a new approach to workspace and creativity is just one of the many benefits of what IMT has to offer—the functionality of easily installed, moveable, re-usable modular partitions can benefit any business.

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