Nothing adds more style to an office than bold, expansive glass. While most new office buildings are a testament to architectural and engineering excellence, few structures would earn as many accolades if their exterior facing walls were made solely from brick and mortar. But the same applies to interior walls, and the view they afford when glass partitions are installed rather than using drywall or plaster as the finish.

At IMT Modular Partitions Ltd., we have been a leading provider of innovative modular wall systems throughout Canada and North America since 2001, and can help you choose the right glass partitions for your office at a price you can afford. We are experts in design and installation, and never lose sight of one overriding fact — the customer comes first.

Finding the Right Company Specializing in Glass Partitions

It comes as no surprise that there are hundreds of companies that sell and install glass partitions and other movable wall systems, but finding one that meets your needs requires time, patience, and understanding how glass walls differ from all others.
Here are steps to follow when selecting a company that specializes in the sale, installation, and maintenance of glass partitions:

  • Go for experience. Every business has to start somewhere, and while the number of years that “X-Company” has been selling “Widget Z” should not be the sole factor in your decision, a company with more experience generally provides more robust customer service and a higher quality of workmanship.
  • Interpret the “buzz” around the company you are interested in. What is the word on the street? Does the company have a solid reputation? Any complaints with the local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau?
  • Assess the level of customer service the company provides. There is nothing more important than quality products, but very close behind is how a business responds to customer concerns and questions. What are the company’s hours of operation? How can a representative be reached? Phone? Email? Social Media?
  • Ask about certification and insurance. At IMT Modular, our products conform to LEED certification for environmental friendliness and are a testament to our stewardship of the community at large. Any vendor dealing in glass partitions also should be fully insured to protect their customers, employees, and company.
  • Inquire as to the kinds of glass the company uses, whether it comes from recycled sources, and what kind of sound dampening it provides. As reference, our IMT Wall has an STC (sound transmission class) rating of 43 to insure privacy when needed.
  • Shop prices. Never buy glass partitions from the first company you see, assuming you are getting the best prices. We always encourage clients to get estimates from three to five companies, then ask about our pricing and how our products differ from the competition.
  • Inquire about other services. While stylish glass partitions can compliment any office, ask one of our consultants about IMT helping you select office furniture and accessories to match your new mobile glass walls.
  • Make sure the company provides a warranty on products and workmanship. At IMT, we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all products that are sold to and used by the original owner for as long as that person or business owns the products in question.

How to Decide if Glass Partitions are Right for Your Office

Leasing and renovating an office is a major expense for most business, and often takes several months of careful planning and preparation before the space is in usable condition. There are many critical decisions to be made, such as the terms of the lease, which employees will use the space, and selecting furnishings and accessories.

An equally important decision is whether glass divider walls are the right choice for you and your company. Generally speaking, this depends on factors such as:

  • How the office space will be used.
  • The importance of openness, which only increases with the installation of movable glass walls.
  • Foot traffic patterns.
  • The overall design and layout of the floor space.

Maintenance Tips

When it comes to maintaining glass walls, they are best cleaned with equal parts vinegar and hot water. Commercial cleaning products can affect the aluminum frame, and the glass surface should never be scraped with a wire brush or similar cleaning instrument. Dust and other debris can be removed with a soft cloth, then cleaned with the water-vinegar solution mentioned earlier. It also is advisable to avoid installing movable glass walls in a cramped, high traffic area such as a commercial kitchen or restaurant or production facility.

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