Download our Environmental Policy Document

Download our Environmental Policy Document

Environmental consciousness in choosing a wall product is based on four major criteria:

  1. Choose a product that lends itself to change and modification with minimal waste generation.
  2. Choose a product that incorporates a substantial recycled content and that can be broken down into its constituent recycled components at the end of its lifecycle.
  3. Choose a product that minimizes the environmental impact of freight systems used to transport the components to site.
  4. Choose a manufacturer that is dedicated to the environment in all aspects of manufacturing.

IMT has a strong commitment to support and protect the environment. We at IMT are one of the few companies that have chosen to produce walls only, and have designed a completely sustainable, environmentally conscious product.
The use of any Modular wall system is a major promotion to the environment. The simple fact that no dry-wall is being constructed saves all the landfill associated with the use and deconstruction of dry-wall. Further, the more “modular” the wall system is, the more likely the parts of the system may be re-used and less waste is generated.
All IMT components can be demounted, moved, re-cut or recovered with 98%-100% reusability.
Installation and reuse results in no airborne dust and no construction waste diverted to landfill.
94% of the raw materials used by IMT are produced from partially recycled materials, with any waste put back into recycling:

  • All steel structural components of the system are manufactured from a minimum of 8% post consumer recycled content, and 33% post industrial recycled content.
  • Aluminum components are made from a minimum of 13% post consumer recycled content, and 48% post industrial recycled content.
  • Wood cladding is made from a minimum of 3% post consumer recycled content and 33% post industrial recycled content.

IMT components support a “cradle to cradle” strategy .

Even the EPDM rubber gaskets may be ground up and used in the creation of flexible ground cover for outdoor playgrounds and indoor safety tiles.

At IMT we will continue to improve our design and research new materials to ensure we can deliver an aesthetically appealing, eco-friendly, wall solution that is the most flexible and affordable in its category.

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