Download our Environmental Policy Document

Download our Environmental Policy Document

IMT has a strong commitment to support and protect the environment. We at IMT are one of the few companies that have chosen to produce walls only and have designed a completely sustainable, environmentally conscious product.

The use of any Modular Wall system is a major promotion to the environment in the simple fact that gypsum based wall board is not being use to construct interior architectural walls. The impact on not having to dispose of the drywall when a space is being redesigned saves all the landfill issues associated with the use and re-use of dry-wall.

IMT designed our Wall not only to optimize re-application, but also to minimize the usage of materials thus minimizing the Walls ecological foot print. At IMT we recognized the importance in preserving the environment not only by incorporating eco friendly components but simply by using less!

IMT Modular Partitions Ltd and our dealer partners’ strategy for social responsibility are simply to focus on the continuous improvement of these four areas: our product, our employees and their families and their communities. Our members are the basis of our success around the world and our values are as transferable as our products and services

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