Modular wall systems are probably best known for having breathed new life into the old concept of the central company office. For a time it seemed like this venerable institution might go the way of the dinosaurs as telecommuting and the virtual office promised to revolutionize work as we know it. It’s not an overstatement to suggest that one of the things that stopped that from happening was the rise of modular wall systems.

Demountable Wall Systems Are Not Just For Offices Anymore

Saving the contemporary office from oblivion is only one of the many important jobs modular wall systems have taken on over the past decade. Their ability to bring light and air, create micro-environments, deftly handle today’s increasingly diverse information delivery methods and accommodate the exacting needs of modern science means there are few aspects of modern life that are not touched by modular wall systems, including:

  • Laboratories – Different scientific and medical research projects require different types of controlled environments. It would be difficult if not impossible for most large research labs to carry out their important work if they were not able to continually reconfigure their space using demountable wall systems.
  • Banks – Banks use modular walls to create an upscale atmosphere that reflects well on their image as engines of economic growth. They also recognize modular glass walls as a cost-effective way to provide management the privacy they need while at the same time allowing them to keep an eye on the bank’s operations.
  • Office Environments – As mentioned, today’s office is a far cry from the office of yesterday. Where rigidity nearly did in the old office, the flexibility and adaptability of modular wall systems has brought it back to life.
  • Retail Environments – Demountable walls allow retailers complete control over their display areas and have influenced the way showrooms today are designed and built. Department stores appreciate the ability to reshape their space on the fly and shopping malls use demountable wall systems to cordon off areas that are undergoing remodeling while maintaining a stylish face.
  • Airports / Bus Stations – Bus stations, train stations and airports frequently use modular walls to funnel foot traffic, shield and isolate important processes like immigration and security checks and to reconfigure gate areas as carriers modify their service levels.
  • Museums – Museums use modular walls to segregate entire sections of their facility for large scale exhibitions and to reshape the gallery space within the segregated wings. They’ll then set up temporary modular walls to funnel traffic to the special exhibit in a way that doesn’t interfere with normal museum operations.
  • Convention Centers – Without modular wall systems the contemporary convention business would grind to a halt. Convention centers are some of the largest users of modular walls and have come to depend on them for their flexibility, good looks and ability to accommodate whatever the technological needs of the exhibitor; whether it be a robot manufacturer, a maker of high-performance automobiles or a furniture maker.

Demountable wall systems have become indispensable elements of modern business. They are, in many ways, iconic symbols of today’s fast moving, ever changing business environment where information is king and a company’s ability to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace will determine its success or failure.

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