There’s a popular perception that because employers invest more than ever in worker wellness plans today that their employees are the happiest, most well adjusted workers who’ve ever lived. The belief holds that on any given day you’ll find them merrily sipping on their green tea lattes while discovering ever more clever and fun ways to boost their productivity. Few things, however, could be further from the truth. has a new article that cuts to the heart of the “happy worker” myth and sends that particular balloon plummeting earthward.

Last year, less than a third of workers reported being engaged in their jobs. The majority (51%) said they weren’t engaged, and nearly a quarter (17.5%) said they were “actively disengaged,” according to Gallup’s 2014 State of the Global Workplace report.

Non-engaged, or even worse, “actively disengaged” workers are rarely productive workers, never mind happy, and if this is indeed the state of the modern office workforce what can be done to correct the situation? The article continues:

The authors of Ethonomics: Designing For The Principles Of The Modern Workplace believe the workplace is ripe for reinvention. They say we can get there by using a different approach to design, “to explore new ways to create healthy, inspiring, and sustainable places in which people can feel good about where they are and what they do.

While it’s wonderful that modern designers and conceptual thinkers are beginning to wake up to the fact that the old fashioned office just doesn’t cut it anymore, companies like IMT Modular have been actively working to provide solutions to this problem for years and with great success.

IMT Demountable Wall Systems Provide Long Term Value for Cost Conscious Businesses

Since 2002 IMT Modular has been providing forward-thinking companies, educational institutions, research centers, hospitals and more with the flexible, environmentally responsible long-term solutions they’ve been seeking to the problem of inefficient, even unhealthy workspaces. Our demountable wall systems reflect the best in:

  • Design – Today’s modular wall systems reflect leading-edge design concepts that will turn your office from a moribund collection of cubicles and drywall into a bright, beautiful, engaging workspace your employees will love and your clients will want to emulate. The entire public face of your company will be brought virtually overnight into the 21st century.
  • Functionality – While today’s demountable walls are paragon’s of aesthetic virtue no one should forget that they built their reputation on their functionality. That’s still the case today. Modular walls provide your company the ability to adjust on the fly to accommodate changes in staffing levels, departmental consolidations, conferencing needs or anything else that’s asked of them.
  • Savings – Glass partitions open up the interior of your space to natural light like never before. As a result you’ll save significantly on what you were spending on artificial lighting. When you consider that lighting can account for 25% or more of an office’s overhead you begin to understand how much you can potentially save with demountable wall systems.
  • Health Benefits – Those “actively disengaged” workers mentioned above are usually that way because they’ve been shunted into a soul crushing cubicle with no view and a stifling mini-ecosystem that promotes illness. When you open your office up with a modular wall system you bring those workers back to the company fold. It’s been proven time and again that workers respond to a higher quality environment and that happy workers are far less likely to call in sick or actually get sick.

While it’s good to see the rest of the world catching on to the value of demountable wall systems our only question is: “What took you so long?”. At IMT Modular we’ve been helping companies save energy, increase productivity and just look better for well over a decade. Our demountable wall systems are among the most sought after in the industry and we’ve long shown the way on matters of environmental responsibility; with each generation of our modular walls made from higher levels of recycled materials.

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