Demountable wall systems have changed the way businesses operate by improving communication, encouraging collaboration and fostering innovation. They do this by treating the office space not as a fixed landscape where everything has an appointed place, but more like a stage where business is performed and relevant pieces of staging are moved in and out or rearranged as necessary. Within the individual components of this new, dynamic office other factors are also at work that help the contemporary business owner make these transitions quick, painless and more productive than ever.

Demountable Wall Systems are More Than Static Panels

If demountable wall systems were simply comprised of panels of laminate or glass that you moved around they wouldn’t be all that convenient or save all that much hassle when you wanted to reconfigure your space. Thankfully they also come with a plethora of features that allow them to create not just space but usable, tech ready, plug and play space that won’t require complicated rerouting of HVAC, power or communication lines. But demountable walls come with other built-in features as well that ratchet up the convenience including:

  • Shelving – In a drywall environment if you wanted to add shelves you needed to bring in the guys with the drills and electric screwdrivers to disrupt your office and leave nasty scars on the wall in their wake. Demountable walls give you the option of adding as many shelves as you need quickly and easily. When they’re no longer needed just pop them out in seconds.
  • Picture and coat hooks – With built in picture hooks you can add those special images that sustain and inspire you no matter how many times or in what manner your own particular space is reconfigured. Likewise there’s no need to toss your coat over the back of the nearest available chair either when your demountable wall comes with built in coat hooks.
  • Slotted wall – Slotted walls can be fitted with accessories from most manufacturers to give you unparalleled flexibility in the way you configure your new spaces. Great for maintenance areas, break rooms or collaborative spaces where people will need quick access to a variety of different productivity tools.
  • Sliding doors – Sliding doors whether opaque or transparent are a quick and easy way to turn an open space into a private conference room in seconds. When fully retracted they’ll remain out of sight and out of the way and when you need them to slide into service they can do so easily in even the tightest of spaces.
  • Snap-fit connectivity – With built in snap fit electrical capability you can quickly, easily and most of all safely run cables to workstations from the lower, middle or upper portion of the demountable wall. No more bringing in the electricians at $50 per hour to bust holes in the drywall to run cables or make new connections.
  • Smart glass panels – At the forefront of glass partition design is the so-called smart glass panel that can change from clear to opaque instantaneously due to a liquid crystal layer embedded in the glass that responds to your commands. Turn an open walled office into a confidential meeting room in milliseconds or reduce solar heating during those times the sun is shining directly into the office.

With each passing year demountable wall systems become more convenient, more adaptable, more essential to the efficient, effective conduct of business. Don’t leave your office mired under the weight of obsolete ideas. Boost productivity, increase employee health and retention and turn your office into a beautiful, dynamic theatre for performing essential business functions with demountable wall systems from IMT Modular.

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