Client: Atco Higgott Kane
Address: 260 Holiday Inn Drive , Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Date: 2009

Project Scope

IMT was asked to provide a cost effective modular solution by one of its dealers to be presented to Atco Higgott Kane. The client had a couple of other dealers pitching other manufacturers of modular walls.
The main criteria was price, down time and overall design. The client was adamant about keeping the office up and running during the renovations.

This office was not a typical drop/tile ceiling it had plenty of bulk heads that would be an issue to most manufacture but IMTs flexibility to conform to any space gave IMT the upper hand. We were awarded the project as we were able to meet the client’s needs and gave them the professional look they were trying to achieve. We also co ordinated the install to allow them to full access of their offices as the walls went up.

Products used

Roughly 400 linear feet of Glass and solid demountable walls with 16 frameless glass pivot doors.


During the design phase IMT took initial its dimensions in order to determine the various ceiling heights. The widths of each office were also taken into consideration to accommodate the windows of the building as they were all operable windows. The bulkheads were all dimensioned and located on the client’s original design. Once all the dimensions were plotted and accounted for IMT took the order to production.


IMT provided full management of the install. We accommodated the client by erecting the original frame work off hours and worked alongside their electrician and data provider to get all there cable management in order. We provided all the cut outs from the factory and installed the panels in the correct locations as per the client’s request.
The remainder of the install occurred during regular work hours with all of the clients staff working with little to no displacement of any of their staff.
The overall install was handled over a 5 day period with the client have full access of there offices.

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