At IMT Modular we’ve had lots of conversations with potential customers for our glass partitions. Typically they have a lot of questions regarding construction times, long term costs, ROI and more and we’re always happy to address questions and concerns about our products. As such, and in interest of giving you a head start on the process of determining if glass partition walls are right for your office, we’ve put together a list of some things experience tells us you should consider before buying.

Glass Partitions: Common Considerations

The following are some of the things we commonly recommend prospective customers think about before purchasing glass partition walls from IMT Modular. Items are listed here in no particular order.

  1. Energy savings: If you’re paying an arm and a leg to keep the artificial lights burning day after day you’ll definitely want to consider installing glass partition walls. They’ll open up the interior of your floor plate to natural light and drastically reduce your electric bill. Not only that but these movable partitions can be arranged in a way that promotes air flow thereby helping your HVAC system run more efficiently, saving you even more money.
  1. Privacy: When you remove your opaque, fixed walls you open up your office to natural light. But what you gain in energy savings you may lose in privacy. Glass walls are, well, glass. You’ll want to think carefully about which spaces should be enclosed using glass partitions and which spaces will require something more substantial.
  1. Safety: We bring this up not because there’s any chance one of our ultra-strong tempered glass panels is going to break but rather because people who’ve spent most of their working life in an office with fixed, solid walls will sometimes walk into new glass walls, much the way birds fly into windows. There are ways to address this like etching the glass if you think it might be an issue.
  1. Distractions: It was easy to concentrate when everyone had fixed, opaque walls around them. Glass partitions will bring much needed light, reduce your energy bills and create a sense of common purpose but the possibility is also there they’ll generate distractions now that everyone can see everyone. You’ll want to deploy your glass partitions smartly to avoid that.
  1. Increased collaboration: If you have a talented team working for you but they never seem to talk to one another glass partition walls are a proven way to promote collaboration. The sense of isolation that comes with solid walls is replaced by greater sharing and increased brainstorming. You also never have to worry about walking in on someone who’s in a meeting or on the phone because you can see if they’re busy before you enter their space.
  1. Future savings: Maintenance costs associated with glass partition walls are virtually zero. In addition when you want to reconfigure your space you won’t need to call in expensive contractors and endure weeks of noise and hazardous dust clouds to do so. To top it off the lifespan of glass partitions is measured in decades so you won’t have to replace them every few years the way you might with office furniture or carpeting.

Start on the best choice today

Glass partitions from IMT Modular are the dependable, affordable and stylish way to reduce overhead and create a sense of teamwork within your organization. They’re also environmentally responsible (sourced from nearly 95% recycled material and almost 100% recyclable themselves) and can move with you wherever your office may move. With all those things and more going for them you owe it to the future of your business to consider glass partitions from IMT Modular for your office buildout or remodel. Get started today.

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