Glass partitions have helped revolutionize the workplace perhaps as much as any development since the invention of air conditioning. They’ve allowed the contemporary office to be a place of air and light and provided today’s companies the design flexibility to retain their competitive edge amidst an ever changing, frantically paced global business environment. Still, there are things any business owner will want to know about glass partition walls before making the change from drywall or building out their brand new space with them. In this post we’ll talk about 6 of those things.

Getting to Know Glass Partitions

When you choose modular glass partition walls for your office you choose flexibility, long term affordability and environmental responsibility among other things. Because glass partitions can produce a bit of a culture shock for the unprepared however, we’ve compiled a list of 6 things you might want to know in advance.

  • They’ll stand up to punishment – A common concern among business owners and office managers is that their new glass walls will break like regular windows if someone or something impacts them. Don’t worry. Glass partition walls from IMT Modular are made of tough, tempered glass and won’t break into dangerous shards if impacted.
  • You won’t need to give up privacy – No matter what level of openness or privacy is called for there’s a modular glass partition wall to fill the need. You can even stack horizontal panels with frosted panels on the lower levels and clear glass at the top to allow light transfer and break up the solid-wall feel. But if what you need are opaque walls, we have those too.
  • You can kiss the cloistered office goodbye – While you can still set aside space for private offices, your office as a whole will lose that old-fashioned, compartmentalized feel. Air and light will circulate as easily as staff and visitors and those long, white walled corridors will become naught but an unpleasant memory. While this new openness will result in a less solemn, more casual feel it will also lead to greater collaboration and higher productivity.
  • Your company will have an entirely new public profile – Giving up the cloistered office means not only adjustments for people working in the office but the adoption of a whole new public face for your company. Some business owners have said this particular adjustment is the hardest, especially if the drywall/fluorescent/cubicle office model is the one they have been showing the world for many years.
  • You won’t need a building permit – Business owners are often shocked to discover no permits are needed to move their new glass partition walls. Glass partitions are considered a type of furniture and so rearranging them won’t require a construction permit the way drywall will. Just devise the new layout and have your maintenance crew rearrange things after hours.
  • You will enjoy lower utility bills – Glass partition walls should allow you to substantially reduce the amount of artificial light you’ll need to illuminate your office. At the same time the open office plan will allow for a more natural airflow meaning your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard to heat or cool the air. As a result you’ll enjoy smaller energy bills.

It’s hard to overstate the benefits you’ll enjoy by reshaping your office with modular glass partitions from IMT Modular. From lower energy bills to almost unlimited design flexibility to a sleeker, more contemporary look and feel glass partition walls will help rocket your office into the 21st century. Call our office design experts today to learn more about this amazing office technology.

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