Moveable walls have carved out a permanent place in the office landscape of the 21st century and yet there are still those who cling to drywall construction for reasons only they know. Yes drywall presented a dependable, affordable alternative to slat-and-plaster construction when it came on the scene in the middle of the last century. But, although it had a good run, it has about as much place in the aggressive and fast-changing business environment of today as the rotary phone.

The Argument for Moveable Walls is an Easy One

Arguing against the moveable wall would be like arguing against the smartphone. You might find some old codgers out there to take up the argument but the fact is moveable wall systems have been a lifesaver for businesses desperate to cuts costs while maintaining a contemporary air. Here are 6 reasons to choose moveable walls over drywall:

  1. Construction timelines: Building out or remodelling an office using drywall construction can take weeks at best and months in many cases. You’ll need to engage the services of a half dozen building trades and, if you’re remodelling, endure major disruptions to your normal office operations. With a moveable wall system you can buildout an entire office in a matter of days and remodel your office overnight or on the weekend.
  1. Ability to repurpose: Once your fixed drywalls are in place they’re in place until someone decides to remove them with sledgehammer and Sawzall. With moveable office walls from IMT your walls are as portable as the desk you work at. Virtually any configuration you can imagine you can produce using only your regular maintenance crew.
  1. Adaptability: Need to move a wall in a way that will allow more light to penetrate? No problem with moveable wall systems from IMT. Relocating sections is a snap as is swapping out an opaque section for a glass segment. You can also swap out different colour panels on various wall sections to adhere to branding requirements or just to keep things lively. Try doing that with drywall.
  1. Environmental responsibility: It’s 2016. Everyone is aware environmental responsibility is a must. In keeping with this sense of urgency moveable office walls are composed of 94% recycled materials and can be almost totally recycled themselves when they reach the end of their lifespan. Drywall by contrast is an environmental disaster; generating huge piles of waste bound for the landfill and requiring primary resources to replace.
  1. Affordability: Initial drywall construction may be cheaper than moveable office walls, but what about a few years from now when you need to reconfigure your office? And what if you move your business across town or to another province? With moveable wall systems you can reconfigure your office as many times as you want. Also, buildout costs in a new space would be minimal due to the fact you can bring your office walls with you.
  1. Beauty: We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that moveable office walls from IMT just look fantastic when installed in your office. They provide your company with a contemporary edge drywall can only dream about. In a world as image obsessed as ours the look your company projects is extremely valuable in helping to land and keep customers as well as making it easier to attract top talent.

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Moveable walls from IMT Modular are the type of product capable of selling themselves. Still, we’re not above stumping for them if it will help convince the remaining drywall aficionados that the sun has set on their favourite construction material. It’s time to stop fearing the future and embrace it. With moveable walls from IMT you’ll find it’s a future worth embracing. Start now.

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