No one can deny the appeal of partition walls. Long lasting, versatile and looking good to boot, there’s no surprise why they’ve taken offices up and down the country by storm – and they don’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Available in a range of materials and finishes, there’s something for everyone and for any budget. Perhaps the most visually appealing of the lot is the glass partition walls, a modern, sleek wall that will both figuratively and literally brighten up your office and office walls. But before you go ahead and order a glass partition walls, there are a few things that you may want to check up on beforehand.

Glass Partition Walls – 5 Things to Think About

When it comes to glass partition walls, there are a several things that you need to take into account before you finalize your purchase.

1. Fire Safety Ratings and Regulations

Whilst one might assume that glass would be more effective than wood when it comes to fire safety, that might not always be the case. That’s why before you order, make sure you’re picking a product that’s highly rated when it comes to fire safety and one that passes any regulations that might be in your way as a business.

There are several grades of glass, each providing different levels of effectiveness when it comes to fire resistance. Whereas standard glazed glass can be counted upon to be effective in temperatures up to 250°F, some glass can be counted upon not to shatter and provide protection all the way up to 1600°F – a huge difference that could well be the difference between life and death. Depending on the type of glass, the length of time that a glass partition wall can keep you protected from smoke, heat and flames varies between 20-120 minutes, which is quite a difference.

The chance of a fire happening in your office partitions may be slim, but as you can see, your chances of survival in the event of such an occurrence may well rest on the quality of glass you purchase for your partition walls – so make sure you check up on it before purchasing.

Office Wall Partitions2. Glass Partition for office Suitable for Your Business ?

An obvious quality of glass is its transparency. With a transparent workplace where colleagues can interact more freely and not feel so trapped and isolated, work can feel less like work and the moral of your staff will grow as a result. However, it’s not for everyone. If your business works with confidential information and requires privacy and discretion, then glass is not a viable option for you. It would be far too easy for members of staff to look at information that they don’t have clearance or permission to access – whether it’s accidental or confidential – and as such it may be a major security risk for your company. Whilst there may be measures in place such as filters for a computer monitor to combat this, if it’s something you worry it then you would be better off going with a different material and using glass only for communal or meeting spaces.

3. Your Employees May Not Want it

As we’ve already mentioned, glass can be a great way to facilitate a better team environment and improve the mood of your staff – yet it may not be for everyone. Not everybody is so welcome to change, and to come into work one Monday to find everything out of place might actually have an adverse effect on the morale of your staff, who can’t get used to the change. There are several reasons why your staff may not feel comfortable with a move to glass. The sense of feeling on display to everyone else might make them feel self-conscious or nervous, which could lead to more mistakes made as a result of the extra pressure they feel. It might also be a huge distraction for them; where they might previously have been able to get their head down and get on with work, the extra visual stimulation might make it hard to do. That’s why it’s essential to get the view of your staff before making a big change in your office.

4. Too Soundproof – or Not Soundproof Enough?

Depending on the industry that your company works in, a change to glass partition walls might prove to be too soundproof, or not soundproof enough. If you have loud machinery in the background, then moving to glass might be a downgrade in terms of how soundproof it is compared to your previous wall solution. On the other side of the coin, if you’re in an industry with a lot of face-to-face meetings or telephone calls, it might be hard for your employees to concentrate on their conversations if there are several other calls happening next to them – a situation where cubicles may be more appropriate.

5. The Greenhouse Effect

If your office has a lot of windows that are facing the sun, then one thing you might need to consider is a potential greenhouse effect. The sun shining straight through into the glass wall partition might cause temperatures within it to rise to uncomfortable levels, which will not only affect productivity but could also be dangerous to your staff – so keep this in mind before you go ahead and order glass.

A Great Product, But not for Everyone; Glass Partition for office

When used correctly, a glass partition can be a real asset to your office and a great way to impress those who may visit for a meeting – but they do have their drawbacks. Before installing them, consider the needs of your office. Whilst they may not be suitable for companies dealing with sensitive information, they’re perfect when it comes to hosting meetings or clients. Your staff may be better off in their existing set up, but there’s bound to be a use for a glass partition in your office. Just make sure you consider where and how to use them before you place your order, and you’ll have a smart addition to your office space.

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