Everyone wants to get more out of the office space they have but short of forcing staff to work more hours or cramming more of them into a smaller space what can you do? As it turns out there are actually quite a few things you can do to ramp up the productivity in your office including the installation of modular office walls and in this post we’ll look at 10 of them.

From Plants to Modular Office Walls: Making the Office More Productive

Here are 10 ways to improve office productivity:

  1. Watch the temperature: The afternoon sun can stream in raising office temps by 10 degrees or more. When this happens your business might as well drop anchor because not much is going to get done. Assign someone to watch the thermostat and close and open blinds and shades.
  2. Introduce colour: Certain colours will make people want to work harder than others. Neutrals may be tasteful but they tend to drain the energy out of people. Blue on the other hand is great for getting people to collaborate. While saturated, primary colours can generate energy.
  3. Introduce plants: An office with plants is an office that works. Try as we may to separate ourselves from the natural environment we are still of the earth and we respond much better and feel more comfortable when we share our spaces with other living things.
  4. Eliminate the gloom: Nothing is worse than having to return to your desk in the poorly lit centre of the floor plan where it’s always 9pm. By introducing glass modular office walls instead of drywall you can shed light where before there was only darkness.
  5. Change the furniture: Most office furniture seems like it was designed by sadists. Chairs are uncomfortable, desks are too high or too low and the break room is filled with the cheapest, flimsiest seats that could be found. Making your office liveable will help staff perform better.
  6. Create private areas: In many of today’s open plan offices people feel like they’re continually under the microscope. Create private spaces where staff can hold important conversations, work on vexing problems or just take a few minutes to relax out of the spotlight.
  7. Declutter: In the past many offices looked like grandma’s attic; crammed to overflowing with… stuff. Today we understand hoarding is not an approach to office management that works. Assign a team to scour the office and remove clutter.
  8. Clean up: Whether your office is open plan, a cubicle farm or a hodgepodge it should be cleaned every day. Some companies try to save money by cutting back on office cleaning. Not a good idea. Trash breeds ill-will which affects motivation.
  9. Offer work options: Some folks are comfortable sitting all day. Others prefer to work standing up. Some like bench seating while others need quiet. Devise an office space that – as much as is practically possible – provides alternative ways for people to conduct their work.
  10. Install modular office walls: Modular wall systems provide the flexibility to handle any staffing situation or to adjust the layout of the space on the fly to accommodate new business imperatives. Few things will have as positive an effect on your company’s productivity as modular walls.

Make room for productivity today

Modular office walls have helped an untold number of business owners unlock the potential of their offices and achieve new levels of productivity by turning their once moribund space into a dynamic theatre for growth. Call IMT Modular today to find out more about how these innovative spatial solutions can help you discover the latent productivity in your office.

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