Once the center-line of the partition path is marked on both the floor & ceiling the second stage begins by laying down the channels on these marks.

It is important to ensure straight and accurate lines are maintained as well as correct angles (90°, 120° & 135°).

It is recommended to start with the ceiling track, and always at a corner, where one places a corner channel and “grows” out of it with the necessary supplied floor mounting pieces placed in the channels.

It is important to measure the exact distance necessary to cover the distance between two corner channels or until a door-way passage which will remain “free” of a floor channel. Key Measurements should be noted when doing so:

  • Channel clearance for doors begins 15 mm (19/32”) beyond the post center-line towards the door center. The overall channel clearance for a door will always be 30 mm (13/16”) shorter than the module itself.
  • A channel segment that does not connect to corner channels (i.e. between doors, or extending towards two partition ends) will always be 30 mm (13/16”) longer than the module itself.
    • When approaching an existing wall, the partition end profile (and off-module connection) will require 18 mm (23/32”) gap between the channel and the wall.
  • When approaching an off-module connection of two Modular Partitions (known as a “T” condition) will leave a gap of 36 mm (17/16”) gap between both walls.

When ceiling channels are in place it is important to:

  • Secure them in a straight line using the channel alignment brackets.
  • Secure the channel ends in a way that will not damage ceiling or grid.

Positioning of floor channels will require the placement of the corner post. Please note that Posts and corner posts are directional (the underside is not perforated to the end). Make sure the top side is placed into the ceiling corner channels.

When all corner posts are up and leveled ALL planes, the placement of the floor channels takes place. Using the proper hardware appropriate for the floor type, all floor channels are placed and aligned with the use of the same channel alignment brackets.

  • In order to finish the channels towards existing walls (or in off-module situations), one must install the relevant partition/wall interface unit (partition end or wall adapter). These parts must be cut to size on site as they will form the support between floor & ceiling. Please ensure that the IMT post adjacent to existing wall are level to gravity.

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