In order to proceed with the installation, door frames must be installed. The door frames need to be attached to the adjoining posts at the exact position of where the skin beside them ends. This will ensure the proper alignment of the reveals post installation. Each door must be installed individually as the vertical components of the door frame must be field cut to ensure the door will clear the floor correctly.

  • To ensure proper alignment, temporarily hang a skin beside the door at the correct level according to elevation detail provided.
  • A second option to ensure all modules are installed correctly, would be to place all skins above the door as well.
  • Once the skin is in place, measure the exact distance between the corner adjacent to the door-frame to the floor. This provide the exact dimension to cut the vertical part of the door-frame. Repeat on the other door side.
    NOTE – it may not the same length, since there are often changes in floor level between the two sides of the same doorway.

Prior to the assembly of the door-frame, the door rubber gasket is to be placed in the profile to allow proper acoustic isolation.

Once the vertical parts are cut to size, the door frame can be installed. In most cases (when there is enough room above the door), the first item to be placed in position are the vertical parts, then, the top side is inserted above them and the relevant corner brackets fitted on top of them.

Should the space above the door be too narrow for this process, then install the horizontal piece first and then insert the verticals into position.

When the frame is “loosely” in place, confirm the final alignment of the door-frame with the top of the skins beside the door. Then the vertical pieces are secured to the posts. Secure corner brackets with the small Allen screws provided. Final alignment of posts beside the door may take place now to ensure that the door will operate properly within the frame.

  • It is recommended to attach the floor channel to the posts supporting the door-frame using a self-tapping screw.

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