Skins may be placed easily once the structure is leveled and wiring is complete.

Some tips for installing skins:

  • It is important to ensure that all universal connectors are pre-fitted into place prior to attempting skin installation.
  • It is easier to place the skins from bottom to top.
  • Glazed or utility skins will require the temporary removal of the cross member above it for Installation.
  • As each skin may be built to suit the site and may not be symmetric, it is important to note the direction of the upper side of each skin.
  • If there is a sensitive area (room) outer skins of that area (room) must be placed first so that from the inner side one may bend the “lip” universal connector to lock the skin in place.

When placing glazed skins one should take the following precautions:

  • Ensure each panel is facing in the correct installation direction (top is up).
  • Install the first glazed skin on one of the sides of the Modular Partition.
  • Clean the inner side of the glazed skin before installing the second glazed unit. It will not be reachable once the other side is installed.
  • Thoroughly clean and install the second skin of the pair to keep the inner surfaces as clean as possible.
  • Inner skins must be placed prior to the placement of the skins beside them.

Once all skins are in place (solid skins and corner skins), any skin may be removed and replaced without needing to remove the adjacent skins above. Where access to glazed (and utility) skins is required, the skin above it must be removed.

Prior to closing the skins, Sound insulation may be inserted into the partition for additional sound separation should the end user request additional sound separation. IMT can provide this service as well however when this need has been identified, the contractor is usually providing additional sound protection elsewhere and can add this portion to their contract.

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