Getting Started

Installation must follow the following basic guidelines:

  • Obey all local building & workplace safety codes practiced on the site location.
  • Have hands on experience with the product and its installation process.
  • Use of maintained/safe tools to install the product.
  • Have detailed floor plans & elevations of installation at hand.

Marking Modular Partition Path

The first stage is to locate the centre-line of the Modular Partition wall for the utmost accuracy using a laser level. When marking the first location, special attention needs to be paid to distance of first post from existing walls and the distance between all intersecting corners. This is usually done on the floor and then “copied” to the ceiling although site conditions (band-raster, ceiling rim, cornice, etc…), may require the reverse.

The distance between a center line of a post (module end) and the center line of a junction is as follows:

  • In all combinations of 90° corners it is 50 mm (~2”).
  • In all combinations of 120° corners it is 23 mm (29/32 “).
  • In all combinations of 135° corners it is 50 mm (~2”).

IMT advises the installer to mark the “post center-line” on the path to assist in determining where doors will be located, etc…

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