Once the door-frame is in place, it is easy to install a door. Solid doors (laminate or veneer) are directional and may be left or right and are reversible if specified and quoted before production.

Installation Method:

  • Confirm that the door is tagged for the office being worked on and fits the door-frame.
  • Attach the door hardware to the frame and door ensuring that the bottom hinge is resting on the floor to avoid excessive load.
  • Final leveling must allow the door lock to engage with the knockout in the door frame.

Glazed doors require additional considerations.

  • Often they are ordered only once the door frames are in place – this eliminates the varying height of the floor.
  • Any glazed door above 220 cm will require a third hinge.

All doors that open towards a perpendicular wall must have stoppers. The stopper may vary in design and function and are available as:

  • Stopper installed in the floor.
  • Stopper attached to wall or partition.

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