To complete the installation, all IMT installation crews will:

  • Connect the channel simulators below & above any of-module connection.
  • Mount any IMT Accessories on the partition as indicated on the approved elevations like:
    • Coat hook
    • Cantilever and other work surface supports.
    • Shelves
    • Surface Mounted Whiteboards
    • Picture hanging clips
    • Etc…

Attaching the accessories is very easy, just hook them to the relevant position on the posts.

Rubber Gasket trims are the last part of the installation process. Installers should note the following:

  • The vertical isolation rubber is larger than the horizontal one.
  • Vertical rubber isolation gasket goes all the way from top of ceiling skin to bottom of floor skin. Where accessories are installed, installers must cut the rubber gasket above and below to fit around the accessory
  • In order for the vertical skin to be straight in its position also on the small overlap with the floor & ceiling channels, one must cut a small part out of the rubber gasket.
  • Horizontal rubber will be placed between all skins and will be leaning against an interior cross member.
  • Installing the vertical or horizontal rubber isolation gasket a “pizza wheel” tool ensures the correct depth.

Once all the project is installed, a final cleaning is conducted prior to a tour of the site with the client and installer to identify any IMT deficiencies. The Installation crew will relay any issues to the IMT Coordinator who will process the items for completion.


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