When all channels and corner posts are in place the rest of the structure can be completed.
Placing all posts in the correct estimated position is faster if the initial path marking included marking of the post center-line. Placing posts in their position requires attention to the direction of the post (bottom part is not perforated to the end). Only the NON perforated posts are placed into the floor channels.
Post will be aligned by the use of cross members. The cross members are universal and have no left/right or top/bottom and are prefabricated to the required widths for easy and efficient assembly.

  • Placement of cross members must start at corners and progress outwards.
  • Cross members are to be placed at two levels. At minimum, at least the bottom cross member should be leveled consistently throughout the project.
    • The second member should be above the floor skin – optimally in the third hole on the post.
  • The third member should be installed below the ceiling skin.
  • Cross members must be placed on both sides of the partition.
  • Cross members must also be placed across the bottom side of doorways to ensure proper alignment of posts around the door-frame.
    • Towards other walls the end modules are never at the exact module width. These cross members will be supplied to the site with only one cross member bracket attached and be oversized so they can be cut to size on site.
  • All cross members for each module need to be exactly the same to maintain post vertically.
  • Once the cross member is cut to the final size, any “loose” cross member brackets must be attached to it. Once all cross members are in place, it will determine the exact width of the end modules (always solid).
  • Each end module will need to be measured individually.
  • When end module width is defined, the end modules must be shortened and finished with the proper edge in a local workshop.
  • Universal connector holes will need to be applied to the skins before they are hung on the posts.

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